Black Citadel

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Black Citadel is the final area of the main story and dungeon in Dragon Quest VIII. It is home to some of the most powerful monsters in the game.


Most of the bosses have to be fought after Rhapthorne's 1st form is defeated. There are a few rooms is this dungeon, the following are a hell like area where Rhapthorne awaits you. A town-like room, a basement with a waterfall, a library and the rest of it being a fortress.



Alchemist Note[edit]

'Legend has it that combining a life bracer with a certain sword will result in the creation of a most miraculous item.

'The only question is which sword to use?

'I've devoted thirty years of my life to the study of alchemy, and I still haven't figured it out.'

Mask of Darkness[edit]

'Those who wear the phantom mask cloak themselves in the darkness, making it more difficult for enemies to hit them.

'It is said that this mysterious mask is the product of the combination of a certain iron helm and a certain dark garb.'

Winter issue of We Love Our Weapons[edit]

'Having a hard time hacking down liquid metal slimes before they can flee? You're not alone.

'There's only one kind of weapon for situations like this. And that's the ultimate boomerang. The metal wing boomerang.

'Not only does it let you attack multiple enemies in one throw, but it's powerful enough to damage even the hardened body of a metal king slime!

'Sadly, the exact composition of these metal wing boomerangs is shrouded in secrecy.

'All we know is that they're a combination of a certain boomerang and another powerful weapon.'

Book of prophecies[edit]

'When Cheiron and Eros meet with a great bow, the result will be a god to be reckoned with.'

Ancient Superweapons[edit]

'There are many weapons in the world, but the megaton hammer is famed as the heaviest of them all.

'Unfortunately, all who knew how to make this ferocious weapon have long since passed on, and the exact recipe has been forgotten.

'All we know is that a big axe, a big hammer and some orichalcum are required to make the megaton hammer.'

Ancient chronicles[edit]

Book 1[edit]

'Our Lord of Darkness Rhapthorne has launched his glorious new campaign to reign over the World of Light.

'However, a pathetic woukd-be Godbird has attempted to stand between the Dark Lord and his magnificent ambitions.

'Nevertheless, our mission to subdue the World of Light proceeds as planned. And no-one, god or man, shall stand in our way.'

Book 2[edit]

'Long ago, the World of Darkness and the World of Light were united as a single chaotic whole.

'Our great lord Rhapthorne has begun the process that shall see the two worlds united once more.

'When his glorious goal is achieved, Rhapthorne will no longer be revered as the Lord of Darkness, but hailed as the Lord of All Creation!'

Book 3[edit]

'The Lord of Darkness created a floating fortress to amplify his near limitless power and act as a gateway between the worlds of light and darkness.

'When the portal between the two worlds finally opens, the dark brotherhood will flood into the World of Light and fill the skies.

'When this comes to pass, the feeble minions of light will be annihilated. Doomsday approaches and the poor fools can do nothing to stop it!'

Book 4[edit]

'Empyrea and her pathetic human minions can muster little in the way of resistance, but caution is required when dealing with the Dragovians.

'They were nearly wiped out the last time they faced the Lord of Darkness in battle, so the chances of them joining in the fray are slim. Still...

'We must determine where they have hidden themselves. There must be no surprises when Rhapthorne's day of reckoning comes.'



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