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Buccanham (formerly Coastal) is a kingdom located to the southeast of Estard island in Dragon Quest VII. It is called the Floating City due to its proximity to the sea.


When the hero's group arrives in Buccanham, most of the townspeople are hiding in their homes from monsters. The party learns that the armour seller's wife, Alma, has given birth, but no one has seen the newborn because Some of the people speak of a man named Sharkeye, a pirate who was cursed for daring to fight against the Demon Lord. Apparently Captain Sharkeye and the King of Buccanham were quite close.

The innkeeper is surprised to find travelers that wish to spend the night, and tells the party to ask for the king's permission to do so first. At first, the minister tells them they shouldn't stay in Buccanham since their kingdom has been cursed, but the king allows them to since the party must be accustomed to monsters by now and they've had a long journey to get there. The innkeeper agrees to let the party stay for free after receiving permission, but warns them not to go outside under any circumstances after it gets dark. During the night, a bloodcurdling scream awakens the party and they leave the inn to see what has happened. There is a lesser demon terrorizing Alma, along with her husband. She refers to the monster as her baby, but it runs away, leaving Alma in tears. Her husband tells her to be strong, as they still have a child to care for. The party then learns from the minister that the city has been cursed by the Demon Lord for 5 years now, and on the first night after a full moon, newborns are turned into monsters.



Notable Residents[edit]

  • King Buccanham
  • Sharkeye
  • Lady Anaïs - The wife of Sharkeye. The king took her under his care before Sharkeye's disappearance, fearing that the same fate as the queen would befall her.