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The dark slime knight (DarkKnight / Dark Knight in fan-translations) is a monster from the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-off series. Introduced in Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart, it is a corrupt version of the slime knight.


Where the knight in the slime knight duo rides a slime, the knight in the dark slime knight rides a dark slime. The dark slime knight wields a crude hatchet-like weapon and appears to forgo a shield in favor of outright attacking.


Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Dark slime knights appear as rank B members of the slime family and can be found on Infern Isle. They only appear at nighttime and cannot be faced until the player completes the shrine on Palaish Isle since the area of Infern Isle they wander about will be blocked off until the shrine is cleared. Dark slime knights will cease to appear in the wild once the catastrophe on Infern Isle starts.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]


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