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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VIII
Dhoulmagus art.png
Japanese Name ドルマゲス
Rōmaji Dorumagesu
Title Evil Jester
Class Villain
Race Human
Age Unknown
Voice Actor Keith Wickham (English)
Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)

"Such a pity."

—Dhoulmagus, usually before or after defeating an opponent

Dhoulmagus (ドルマゲス, Dorumagesu) is an important figure in Dragon Quest VIII. Until his defeat at the hands of the Hero's party, he is apparently the player's central enemy in their journey. Lord Rhapthorne, however, is the true villain of the game.

Dhoulmagus is a jester who came to Trodain Castle. His deep desire to be the greatest magician of all time and resentment towards those who laughed at him fueled his breaking into the castle's secret chamber to obtain the legendary scepter of Rhapthorne. Almost immediately, he was overwhelmed by Rhapthorne's power and made to do such dastardly things as his pawn. Possessed by Rhapthorne, he killed his first four victims: his former master Rylus, the swordsman Alistair (Jessica's brother), Abbot Francisco, and Mr. Golding, the casino owner. The Hero and party eventually defeated him after a long chase, where the scepter's dark influence transformed him into a monstrous creature. Upon his defeat, King Trode discovered that the curse on him and his daughter, Medea, had not been broken. Shortly after, Jessica would retrieve the sceptre, and become enthralled by it's malicious power.

In the 3DS version of the game, extra flashback scenes have been added that detail Dhoulmagus's backstory and the circumstances that led to becoming the unwitting pawn of Rhapthorne.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dhoulmagus is a tall, physically imposing man whose appearance has become twisted due to the influence of Rhapthorne's scepter. His skin has taken on a deathly, grey pallor and his long hair is white. He has a long, gaunt face with a prominent brow, a widow's peak on his forehead, and he wears black eyeliner, lipstick, and nail polish on his long fingernails. He also has red makeup in the shape of diamonds on each eye. On his left ear, he wears a dangling gold earring.

His costume is a highly exaggerated version of a court jester's. He wears a doublet with alternating red and purple fabric with slashes ending in a puffy ball of the other color (purple on red fabric and vice versa) that reached down to his ankles. The doublet has large leg-of-mutton shoulder pads and solid red sleeves. The back of the tunic has a long purple cape with black lining that ends in two tails with puffy red balls at the end like his doublet. He wears orange trousers and black leather knee-length boots. Prior to his transformation, Dhoulmagus had light skin and his long hair was black. He still wore black makeup.

As a normal human, Dhoulmagus was a nervous and shy wreck of a man, having endured years of mistreatment from his master, Rylus. He was a weak magician whose magic could barely be considered parlour tricks, but he strongly desired to become powerful by any means necessary. Rylus forbade his young apprentice from reading any of his grimoires on magic, as he felt that Dhoulmagus still had yet to grasp the most basic principles of magic. This led to him breaking into Castle Trodain and stealing Rhapthorne's scepter, as Dhoulmagus knew it would grant him the power he so desired. Despite his timid personality, Dhoulmagus displayed a cunning wit and resourcefulness, as he was able to disguise himself as a jester and charm King Trode with his sleight-of-hand.

Much like how Jessica had completely changed once she was in possession of the scepter, Dhoulmagus's personality had taken a complete 180, becoming devious and strong-willed. No longer was he the weak and cowardly sage's apprentice from Farebury. He showed some remaining glimmers of his former personality before his death at the hands of the Hero and his party.


His human form is quite formidable, but his demonic form is truly powerful and not to be underestimated by the player's party.


Dhoulmagus served as the long-suffering apprentice to the sage Rylus in Farebury, where he was forced to perform menial tasks such as cleaning, rather than being taught magic. One day when his master was away, Dhoulmagus began reading one of Rylus's grimoires, where he learned about the existence of Rhapthorne's scepter and the amazing power it possessed. Rylus discovered this and became furious at his apprentice, as he felt that Dhoulmagus was barely a novice when it came to magic. He snuck away to Castle Trodain, disguised as a court jester and gained an audience with King Trode and Princess Medea. The king and the princess were charmed by Dhoulmagus's magic tricks and Trode invited the magician to stay at the castle.

That night, he used the same magic trick to knock out a castle guard and sneak into the chamber where Rhapthorne's scepter was sealed. It was then that Dhoulmagus unleashed its power, encasing the castle and its inhabitants in thorny vines. With his newfound power, Dhoulmagus returned to visit his master Rylus in Farebury. Rylus was just about to complete an elixir which would unlock Dhoulmagus's latent magical abilities. Rylus was aghast at what his apprentice had done, but it was too late for him as Dhoulmagus decided to take revenge and kill him with the scepter. Afterwards, Dhoulmagus set Rylus's house ablaze and set off to find the other sages.


  • First battle
  • Second battle

#269 - Dhoulmagus
HP MP Experience Gold
1880 255 4300 0
Attack Defense Speed
202 128 78
Locations Dark Ruins
Skills Disruptive Wave
Thin Air
Wind Sickles
Thousands of Whips
Throw debris
Spells Multiheal
Family  ???
Bestiary # 269
Game Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
Description Once an ordinary jester, his theft of the sceptre from Trodain Castle gave him magical powers beyond imagination.

#270 - Dhoulmagus
HP MP Experience Gold
2640 255 12000 0
Attack Defense Speed
210 135 74
Locations Dark Ruins
Skills Combo Attack
Disruptive Wave
Break Down
War Cry
Attacks twice per round
Spells Kasizzle
Family  ???
Bestiary # 270
Game Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
Description Dhoulmagus, transformed by the awesome power of the sceptre. In spite of his new-found might, his lethal curses proved to have no effect of Hero.

Dhoulmagus is very powerful compared to most enemies fought at that stage. In his first form, he summons two copies of himself which use the same abilities as him, and all three must be defeated to advance. The three possess heavy blows which strike multiple members, such has hurling rubble by telekinesis, or firing thousands of whip like strands out of his sceptre. they can also heal using Midheal, making any attempt to damage them awkward. further contributing to the difficulty of this boss, He can attack with a "disruptive wave of energy" described in some guides as wave of ice. Rather than dealing damage, this removes every positive effect from the party, resetting their tension, and negating ooomph, haste, buff etc. The danger of this is that it not only halts any large scale offensive, but also makes the party vulnerable to his own attacks. More conventionally, he can use very powerful fire and ice spells, as well as a normal attack. fortunately, he has a tendency to burst out laughing, wasting turns.

Other Appearances[edit]

Outside his main role in Dragon Quest VIII, Dhoulmagus also makes appearances in these titles.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

#306 - Dhoulmagus
DQVIII - Dhoulmagus - Second Forme.png
HP MP Experience Gold
14061 (99)
255 61600 2490
Attack Defense Speed
1095 (99)
645 (99)
480 (99)
Family  ???
Bestiary # 306
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description "Superfast attacker who likes to rush his foes off their feet, and whose Kacrack packs a kick. Not a fan of earth attacks.

Try not to be too annoyed by this self-satisfied clown laughing down his nose at you. Smack the smile off his smug old face!"

Additional Attributes
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark
100 100 50 150 100 100
Blast Dazzle Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion
100 0 0 0 100 0
Fizzle Inaction Paralyze Poison Charm Magic Res
0 0 0 0 10 25
Blunt Sap Decelerate
5 25 50

Dhoulmagus appears as a Legacy Boss in Dragon Quest IX. His map can be dropped from Murdaw at higher levels (and thus can be obtained multiple times).


Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3 Trodainers 20% Purple Orb 5%
4-8 Trodainers 25% Purple Orb 5%
9-15 Trodain bandana 15% Purple Orb 6%
16-25 Zenithian trousers 15% Purple Orb 6%
26-40 Zenithian trousers 20% Purple Orb 7%
41-56 Zenithian trousers 25% Purple Orb 7%
57-68 Zenithian helm 15% Purple Orb 8%
69-80 Zenithian clothes 15% Purple Orb 8%
81-90 Zenithian clothes 20% Purple Orb 9%
91-99 Zenithian clothes 25% Purple Orb 10%


Level New abilities
Initial Scorch, Kacrack, Kazam, Combo Attack, War Cry, attacks twice per round
4 Disruptive Wave
8 Raging Roar
12 Break Down
16 Hellfire, stops using War Cry and Scorch
28 Kacrackle
41 Begins attacking 3 times per turn, stops using Kacrack & Kazam
57 Kazammle

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Dhoulmagus is a fantastic one-slot Rank S monster. He appears here in his Second Forme. He can be synthesized by combining four monsters: an alabast dragon, Psaro, an alabast dragon and Estark.


In Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, the evil scepter is called Malevolence.

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