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The Dig Site is a location on the same continent as the Roamer Encampment in the present in Dragon Quest VII.


After returning from the Roamers' Encampment in the past, the party finds the dig site in the present since the Roamers have apparently gone. An archaeological dig site has appeared and is charging people 5 gold a visit in order to see an enormous skull with a pair of gold horns on its head. The significance of the skull will not be apparent until later on when the party visits Al-Balad, where they learn that it belongs to the sacred Serpent. The Serpent is a great dragon that can traverse the Nihil river, and if its skull is placed in the river, it will be resurrected. The party explains that they need the skull to Dr. Digsby, the archaeologist in charge of the Dig Site, who is apprehensive but believes them after they show him proof. He accompanies the party to the past, along with the skull, and he decides to stay there in order to study the civilization of Al-Balad.

Later after unsealing all of the islands and acquiring the Skystone from the Divine Shrine, a cave opens up and monsters begin attacking people. King Donald sends the party there in order to eliminate the threat.

Other Treasures[edit]