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The drag-goof (originally MadDragon / Mad Dragon due to display constraints) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest V, it is deranged-looking dragon.


[edit] Characteristics

The drag-goof is awkward-looking, especially its head, an over-sized affair backed with four large horns and a face which consists of four large whiskers, widely spaced eyes looking off in opposite directions, and an open-mouthed grin that shows off its gums and gapped teeth. It has a somewhat prominent belly, small wings and forelimbs, and a thick, spiked tail. It is primarily blue in color with a yellow-white underbelly.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Dragon Quest V

#96 - Drag-goof
HP MP Experience Gold
125 0 127 45
Attack Defense Speed
99 65 53
Dropped Item Seed of wisdom
Locations Knot Welcome Inne
Gotha Pass
Gotha area
Capture Rate 1/16
Bestiary # 96
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS

Drag-goofs can first be encountered shortly after obtaining the ship, namely in the regions surrounding the Knot Welcome Inn. It is possible to recruit drag-goofs, the monsters having decent stats and access to breath attacks that can encumber and inflict damage.

[edit] Dragon Quest Monsters

Drag-goofs can be created by breeding any Dragon-family monster with a GulpBeast. Their default skills are Massacre, LureDance, and EvilSlash. They are known as Mad Dragons in this game, as well as in the sequel.

[edit] Dragon Quest Monsters 2

In addition to breeding a GulpBeast with a dragon, you can now also create a drag-goof by breeding a Gasgon with any beast monster. They have the same set of skills from the first game. Its blurb in the Library states that "Its power is best among dragons."

[edit] Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

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