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In this video from Dragon Quest IX, the hero offers a prayer at the tree of Yggdrasil and sees a vision of Zenus and Celestria. This provides some insight into the backstory of Dragon Quest IX.

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New Dragon Quest Game for iOS

It's confirmed! Square Enix has ported over Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride for iOS today. Just a FYI, the iOS releases of DQIV and DQV are port overs from Nintendo DS releases.
NewsdqVa300x533.jpeg NewsdqVb300x533.jpeg
We are still waiting for Dragon Quest III to get its port. Hopefully we’ll see it before the end of the year, but seeing how it is not even out in Japan yet, well... we'll see.

New Dragon Quest Game


YAY! Dragon Quest will be getting a music rhythm game with Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. So far it appears it'll be released for the 3DS, making it's debut in Japan in March, and... no plans for an international release (big surprise).

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A Special PS4 Covered in Metal Slime!

Yep! You heard right folks! To mark the release of the latest release: Dragon Quest Heroes, Sony is releasing (albeit ONLY in the Japanese market) a "Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition." According to Famitsu, the Metallic Slime is actually a USB cover. Here's some pics to taunt and tease you, and if you click on the headline of this article, it'll redirect you to the official game teaser vid. Oh and the release date for this console is currently TBA, but the game is planned for February 26th, 2015.

PS4DQEdition1.jpgPS4DQEdition2.jpgPS4DQEdition3.jpgPS4DQEdition4.jpgPS4DQEdition5.jpgPS4DQEdition6.jpgPS4DQEdition7.jpgPS4DQEdition8.jpgPS4DQEdition9.jpgPS4DQEdition10.jpgPS4DQEdition11.jpgPS4DQEdition Gameprice Release.jpg

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Multiple Main Series Games Released On Mobile Platforms

Dragon Quest I, II, III, IV, and VIII have all been released on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Download them today in the Apple and Google Play stores!

Dragon Quest VII Remake and Dragon Quest X Unlikely To Be Released Worldwide

There was no news regarding Dragon Quest at the E3 gaming expo in June of 2014. Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS and Dragon Quest X for Wii U and PC are very unlikely to see a worldwide release.

Square Enix Shuts Down Dragon Quest Online Services

In May of 2014, Nintendo and Square Enix have shut down all online services which were available for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii games. This includes the DQVC for Dragon Quest IX.

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Dq9ds art 001.png
This is artwork from Dragon Quest IX. It features a battle scene where several characters are fighting against monsters. This image was made into a poster which was distributed in the Dragon Quest IX Trivia Contest, as well as at Gamestop stores during special events after the game's release.

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