Dragonlord's great-great-grandson

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Dragon Quest series character
"Dragonlord's great-great-grandson"
Dragon Quest II
Sprite Dq2dragonlordsgrandson-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese Name 竜王のひ孫
Family Dragonlord (Ancestor)

The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson (previously considered his grandson or great-grandson) is a non-player character in Dragon Quest II.


The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson resides in Charlock Castle and stands in the same location as the Dragonlord in Dragon Quest. However, rather than fighting the trio, he instead offers critical advice about defeating Hargon. In particular, he describes that the 5 Seals must be gathered from around the world of Torland.

Warning: Spoilers
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After Hargon and Malroth's defeat, the Dragonlord's great-great-grandson suggest that he and the trio be friends.