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Erdrick's armour as shown in the Dragon Quest guide.

Erdrick's armour (originally Erdrick's armor) is a piece of equipment found in the Dragon Quest series.


[edit] Story

Erdrick's armour belonged to a legendary hero who saved Alefgard, and is the strongest armor in the game. It cannot be bought at any store, and can only be found in Hauksness. It is buried in the ground, but NPC's in Cantlin give away hints at where it is located. The NPC's say that it is located on a tree patch, and right next to a shop in Hauksness. If you encounter a battle with an Axe knight, you have found the armor. When you defeat the Axe knight, search the ground to find the armor. Due to text restrictions in the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Quest, Erdrick's armor was changed to Loto with a picture of armor next to it.

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Dragon Quest

The armor cannot be purchased. It has the defense bonus of +28, and heals the character with every step.

[edit] Dragon Quest IX

 Erdrick's armour
Defence +82
Buy Price 0g
Sell Price 0g
Flavor text Archetypal armour once worn by a heralded hero.
Notes Reduces damage from fire, ice, lightning, wind, and darkness damage by 20% .

[edit] Gallery

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