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Famicom art

Fido (Tov in the NES Version) is a minor character in the town of Lakanaba in Dragon Quest IV who belongs to Finn.


Fido is kept behind bars by Finn's grandfather Finnegan as he doesn't listen to anyone else. Needing a dog to hunt down some foxes, he is loaned to Torneko in return for getting Finn out of prison in Ballymoral.

When Torneko returns to the town Reginhart, Fido immediately pursues the scent of a fox who created the illusion of the town, thus resulting in the end of the illusion. Afterwards, Torneko returns Fido to Finn.

In Chapter 5 and 6, Finn has moved into Torneko's old house and leaves Fido there to guard the place during the day. He will move aside if Torneko is present.


  • Hardie has a fear of dogs and will refuse to join Torneko if Fido is present.