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Florin (formerly Jann) is a character in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Jann is a member of the Deja Tribe. He is the tribe's tula player. He is skilled with the playing of this instrument. His tula playing helps ward away monsters that wish to attack the tribe. Because he is the tribe's Tula Player, he is charged with reviving God on the Altar of God coupled with the dancing of the tribe's dancer.

Sometime before the party's arrival, he was engaged to be married to Layla, the tribe's tribal dancer who is infused with the Terra Spirit. One day, he found that he had the mark of the Terra Spirit. According to tribal law, two people with the mark of the Terra Spirit are not allowed to married. Therefore, he has resolved to revive God so that he would be free of his responsibility and marry Layla without any consequences.


Jann is playing his tula for Layla's ascension to the tribal dancer. When they are finished they present her to the tribe. The Dejans celebrate their new dancer with singing, dancing, and wine. Jann plays his tula for the tribe.

Kiefer and the hero are talking with Layla when they are interrupted by Jann, the tribe's Tula Player. He immediately accuses Kiefer of trying to steal his fiance. But Layla tells him that they were just talking. Jann is not convinced but lets the issue drop.

When the tribe is asleep, monsters attack the tribe. They fend off the monsters. However, Datz, Layla's father, is unable to go with the rest of the tribe to the Temple of God. Layla, his daughter, refuses to go without her father so she decides to wait until her father gets better. Kiefer volunteers to protect both of them until they are ready to make the journey. Jann refuses at first, saying that this is just a ploy by Kiefer to take him away from Layla. He then decides to stay with Layla as well. However, the tribal chief rebukes him, saying that they need Jann's tula playing to fend off the monsters. Jann relents to this request.

The Dejans find the Temple but run into a problem. The temple is submerged and they have no idea how to access it. Jann, getting impatient, asks the party to explore the adjoining cave with him to see if they can find clues as to how to drain the lake. He takes the Terra Bell with him and head inside the cave.

After completing the puzzles. They find an altar which tells them to place the Terra Bell onto the altar to drain the lake. Jann does so and the lake is drained. Heading outside the party finds that the Dejans are standing outside the temple. On the steps of the temple, there is a plaque. The plaque reads that with the Terra Tula shining like a bright fire and the Innocent Dress donned by the holy dance, a new era will be born. Reading this plaque activates a switch and the stairs open up and reveal a secret corridor. The party goes through the corridor and find the Terra Tula and the Innocent Dress. At that moment, Kiefer and Layla enter the corridor. Layla, on the journey, sprained her ankle. Jann is mad at Kiefer for her injury but Layla rebukes him, saying that it wasn't his fault. Kiefer helps Layla out of the corridor.

Jann takes out the Terra Tula and the Innocent Dress from the corridor and it seals up again. He wants to perform the ceremony now but the tribal chief tells him that the Tula isn't shining at all. He tells him that it is probably the wrong time to revive God. Jann is furious at the chief for giving up without trying. He tells Layla to dance with the Innocent Dress on while he plays the Terra Tula. He then tells the people to pray for God's revival. Together, they perform the Revival of God ceremony.

In the end, it is not successful. The chief tells Jann not to be depressed as there will be another time for the ceremony. Jann tells him that his reason for performing the ceremony was because once God was revived, he would be freed from his duties. He reveals that he has the Terra Mark on his body. He tells them that he wasn't born with it but one day, it appeared on him. This is why he wanted the ceremony to be complete so that he could marry Layla without repercussions. As punishment for his deceit, he decides to exile himself from the tribe.


Jann has been traveling throughout the world, helping others with his clairvoyance and saving people from their troubles. This has happened for several years. By the time the party meets him again. He has become an old man.


Jann has foreseen that the continent of Hamilia will soon become flooded by a monster known as Gracos. To save the people, he had placed provisions in a nearby tower. There he sets off to have the people inside the tower. Knowing that he would not be believed if he outright tells the people, Jann plays his tula for the towns he passes by, making sure to play for every person, and hypnotizes them so by nightfall, they will follow his music into a Travel Gate he creates into the tower. He does this to the towns of Avan, Huzu and Wetlock. When all of the people on the continent are within the tower, he awaits the flood.

Inadvertently, the party follows him through a travel gate. They encounter Jann. When the flood happens, Jann notices that the flood is worse than he predicted. He notes that if nothing is done to stop the monster who caused the flood, the whole continent will be sunk. He asks the party to defeat Gracos in his place as he is unable to do so in his advanced age.

As the party is fighting Sea Grudges, Jann appears to help the party. With his tula playing, he is able to put the Sea Grudges to rest. He plays another song on his tula and heals the party. The four of them take on Gracos. With their victory, Gracos tries to have the party be killed with him and so he destroys the bridge that led to him. However, Jann circumvents this by creating a travel gate that leads back to the tower. The party and Jann go through it.

After the flood recedes, Jann thanks the party, being reminded of the last time that he met the party (though he doesn't remember their faces). He realizes that he has become old and knows that if he were to die, no one would be able to pass on his skills as a tula player. He decides to find a student so that through that student, his tula playing will live onwards. Jann allows the party to go through the travel gate back to Wetlock and closes it behind the party, throwing a Wizard Ring at them


The village of Wetlock immortalize the Bard by creating a stone relief of him in their town square.

Jann's skill in the tula playing arts has been passed down through the ages, culminating with Johann


Jann is a master at playing the tula. Because of his playing, monsters are warded away from him. He can also play the tula with various effects, such as creating platforms and travel gates. He can also use fortune telling to see into the future. This is how he has averted disasters. Jann is also a decent fighter against monsters.

As a Temporary Party Member[edit]

Jann only battles with the party against Gracos. He is a decent fighter, attacking for 25-30 damage. He has access to the Bang spell and can use Healmore on a party member. He can also use Angel Song to revive a party member.


In the Wetlock quest, the game does not refer to Jann by name. Instead, it calls him Bard. However, due to the fact that the Dejan Song is played whenever he plays his song and that he exiled himself long ago, it is unlikely that Bard is anyone other than Jann. This is confirmed when, after defeating Gracos, a lady in one of the villages says the Bard's name was something like Jann. The player must be willing to talk to people multiple times in the game and revisit towns to discover such things. For example, if the player returns to Faraday in the past later in the game, they can find out the full story of who Ellie was and why Autonymous became ornery and a hermit.

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