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The hacksaurus (originally BattleRex / Battle Rex) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest VI, it is a bipedal dragon wielding a large axe.


Hacksauruses are dragons with a build similar to that of a predatory dinosaur, especially a tyrannosaurus rex as indicated by their original localization, battle rex. They are green in color with a yellow underbelly and carry large axes in their small arms.

As dragons, hacksauruses are naturally powerful and especially dangerous due to their axe-wielding. They can also breathe fire.


Dragon Quest VI[edit]

#157 - Hacksaurus
Hacksaurus DQVI SNES.gifFile:Hacksaurus DQVI DS.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
416 0 698 110
Attack Defense Speed
290 100 115
Dropped Item Seed of strength
Bestiary # 157
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

#150 - Hacksaurus
Hacksaurus DQVIII PS2.png
HP MP Experience Gold
171 0 216 55
Attack Defense Speed
155 108 65
Dropped Item Dragon scale (common)
Dragon dung (rare)
Locations Arcadia Region
Royal Hunting Grounds
Skills Flame Breath
Falcon Slash
Family Dragon
Bestiary # 150
Game Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
Description Giant axe-toting dragons. Fond of using their sorching flame-breath to roast hapless travellers.

While normal hacksauruses won't be encountered until the player reaches the Royal Hunting Grounds, it is possible to run into a special roaming one near Farebury at the very start of the game. It is ill-advised to fight this hacksaurus until much later on since it can easily wipe out a low-level party using its fire breath and falcon slash techniques, though having a monster team will enable one to recruit the powerful monster after defeating it.

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