Hero (Dragon Quest III)

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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest III
DQIII Hero Famicom.png
Sprite Dq3hero-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese Name ヒーロ
Rōmaji Hiiro
Title Erdrick
Class Hero
Race Human
Age 16
Family Ortega (father)

The Hero of Dragon Quest III is the son of Ortega who is sent to destroy the Archfiend Baramos and his master Zoma before they destroy the world. Upon the defeat of both demon lords, the Hero is given the title Roto.


The hero is born in the castle town of Aliahan to Ortega and an unnamed mother. He lives in Aliahan along with his mother and grandfather until he is 16. Dragon Quest III begins on the morning of the hero's 16th birthday.

Unique Characteristics[edit]

The hero of Dragon Quest III is the first to be able to use magic and have a party of supporting characters, as the hero in Dragon Quest II could not use any magic spells. The spells the hero can learn contain a mix of spells learned by other characters as well as several unique spells.

The hero is not able to change classes like other characters in the game. In the original NES version of the game, the hero must always be in the party until completing the game. In remakes, this requirement is removed after defeating Zoma.


Dragon Quest III (GBC) 
Spell Level Learned
Recall 1
Blaze 2
Heal 4
Expel 6
Return 7
Remember 8
Fireball 10
Ironize 12
Outside 14
Forget 15
Sleep 16
StopSpell 18
Repel 19
Recollect 20
Firebane 23
Zap 26
Healmore 29
Boom 31
Healall 33
Vivify 35
HealUsAll 38
Thordain 41



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