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High djinks, originally known as LampGenie is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest Series


[edit] Description

The High djinks has the look of the common perception of a genie.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Dragon Quest IV

[edit] Dragon Quest VI

#154 - High djinks
HP MP Experience Gold
696 48 1104 300
Attack Defense Speed
194 113 114
Dropped Item Glombolero
Bestiary # 154
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

One of the three enemies fought to turn Peggy Sue into Pegasus.

[edit] Dragon Quest VII

#176 - LampGenie
HP MP Experience Gold
350 200 117
Attack Defense Speed
170 105 88
Dropped Item Noble Robe
Locations Gorges
Skills Fairwind
Family Demon
Capture Rate Very Hard
Bestiary # 176
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The LampGenie can be found the Wind Tower. It can also be summoned by a CurseLamp.

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