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Not to be confused with the Dragon Quest VII enemy.

The Imp (formerly Demonite and DemonImp) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest III, they are small, purple demons armed with pitchforks.


Imps are small demons that more closely resemble mischievous children in purple demon costumes, given the way their faces appear to be showing from the headpiece of such a costume. They are armed with pitchforks, and constantly have their tongues sticking out, which often affects their speech.

Despite their unassuming appearance, imps have access to some of the most potent spells known, such as Kaboom and Kathwack, and while this may cause a scare, they almost never have the energy necessary to cast these high-end spells but try to all the same, often to humorous results. Due to this, they are one of the more comical, inept monsters that can be found in the series, but can still prove dangerous in some titles. Because of their magical knowledge, armament, and position as demons, imps are regularly believed to be the infantile forms of archdemons.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Dragon Quest V[edit]

While actual imps are absent, minidemons appear using the imp's color scheme.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Original (PS2)
Sprite HP MP Experience Gold Attack Defense Agility
28 0 15 11 21 21 18
Bestiary No. 18
Family Demon
In-Game Description Juvenile forms of elite magical monsters. Imps try to cast spells which are far too powerful for them and fail every time.
Spell(s) Kaboom
Skill(s) Cool Breath
Location(s) Tower of Alexandria
Item(s) Dropped Chimaera wing132
Cool cheese1128
Evasion Attack Resistance Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Bang Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Crack Resistance * Zap Resistance *
064 ? 0% 0% 25% 0% 50% 0%
Flame * Ice * Stone/Strike Resistance * Troop Resistance * Death Resistance * Poison Resistance * Paralysis Resistance * Shock Resistance *
0% 50% 0% 0% 15% 0% ? 0%
Sleep * Confusion * Dazzle Resistance Fizzle Resistance Dance Sealing Resistance Sap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
0% 0% 0% 100% 0% 100%
Remake (3DS, Mobile)
Sprite Notable Changes

Imps are likely to first be encountered whilst climbing the Tower of Alexandria. While they are prone to miserably failing at casting powerful spells, they may perform a cool breath attack that can be very dangerous at this point of the adventure.

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