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Knick-knacks (or souvenirs) are special items found in Dragon Quest V. They can be placed at the Knick-knackatory museum on display after collecting them. Note that while most are just collection items to place in the museum, some can be used in battle or equipped.

Image Name Location Notes
DQV Annalum Retentium.png
Annalum Retentium Talk to the moosifer NPC in Precaria watermill
Batten Binnacle.png
Batten binnacle Battenburg Can be used to cast Storyteller on the field
Blooming Branch.png
Blooming branch Whealbrook
Catas trophy Defeat Estark in 15 turns or less
Chocolate Medalliyum.png
Chocolate medalliyum But in Dominicus' Dominion
Crown of Uptaten.png
Crown of Uptaten Polish Toff's tea set with the chamois, then show it to the ghost of Count Uptaten Can be worn as a helmet
Crude Image.png
Crude image Given by a nun at Heaven's Above Abbey Can be equipped to increase Luck by 15
Desert Rose.png
Desert rose Check desert south of Helmunaptra in the morning Needed to trade for scintillating sinter
Faerie Quill.png
Faerie quill Post-game, requires visit to Faerie Palace and then Faerie Lea
Forget-Me-Knot Flag.png
Forget-me-Knot flag Stay at Knot Welcome Inne with a full party
Ghoulroarer Mt. Zugzwang
Honey Buns.png
Honey buns Received after the wedding
Lofty Lilts.png
Lofty Lilts Talk to a woman in Madalena's bedroom at Lofty Peak
Madalenas Locket.png
Madalena's locket Given by Sancho at the start of generation 3, can be upgraded in post-game
Marital Organ (ver.2).png
Marital organ Visit Harry after he gets married
Maxi Medal.png
Maxi medal Dominicus' Dominion Can be equipped as a shield
Monster Chess Set.png
Monster chess set Speak with Thruppence in gen 2 at Patty's bar. If missed, speak with Tuppence when he is not in the party
Scintillating Sinter.png
Scintillating sinter Trade a desert rose to the man in the well in Stockenbarrel
Scuttlebutt Alledger.png
Scuttlebutt Alledger Counter at the inn in Scuttlebutt settlement
Ship in a Bottle.png
Ship in a Bottle Buy in Lodestar Harbour at the shipyard for 1000 gold (after wedding)
Slime Curio.png
Slime curio Buy from Fortuna Curiosity Shop for 5000 gold Can be equipped by slime companions
Terrorcrow After getting Saber, talk to the farmer in Hay and he'll realize he doesn't need the scarecrow anymore, letting the Hero have it.
Toffs Tea Set.png
Toff's tea set Get all three silver pieces in Uptaten Towers
Tusk-Tusk Tusk Inkwell.png
Tusk-Tusk Tusk inkwell Researcher at Northminster abbey in generation 3
Whealbrook Sapphire.png
Whealbrook sapphire Trade the Whealbrook bluestone to the craftsman in Lofty Peak
Yggdrasil Sapling.png
Yggdrasil sapling Given by tenders at Zenithia (once it's airbourne) Can be watered using aspersorium to receive leaves
Zizzwizz Pillow.png
Zizzwizz pillow Sleep at Roundbeck inn at least twice after first timeskip Casts Snooze if used a tool during battle
Zoomshine Speak with old man in Zoomingale church and respond with "no", return at night, speak with man by the jar inside church, then speak with Professor Trubbles.