Lady Lora

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Dragon Quest series character
"Lady Lora"
Dragon Quest I
Sprite Dq1gwaelin-sprite-NES.gif
Title Princess
Race Human
Family Lorik (Father)
Dq1 Gwaelin.jpg

Lady Lora (Princess Gwaelin) is an NPC character in the original Dragon Quest. She is the daughter of the king of Tantegel who has been kidnapped by the Dragonlord. During the game, she can be rescued by The Hero as a sidequest. This makes her the one and only sidequest present in the original Dragon Quest.

She also appears in Dragon Quest Monsters (as Lady Laura). Defeating the dragon guarding her in that game allows Terry to recruit the dragon into his party.


[edit] Story

[edit] Rescue

The Hero may rescue Lora during his quest to defeat the Dragonlord. Lora is located inside the Swamp Cave south of Kol which connects to the southeastern continent. In order to rescue Lora, the Hero must fight and defeat a single Green Dragon. This monster is not visible on the dungeon map screen, but rather is trigger when the Hero steps on a specific tile (similar to the Golem which guards Mercado). If the Dragonlord is defeated prior to the Princess' rescue, she will still be in her cell and able to be rescued, though the Green Dragon will not be present.

After rescuing the princess, the Hero carries her back to her father at Tantegel castle. A sprite showing the hero carrying Lora is used at this time. In the remakes only, the Dragonlord has a special reaction if she is being carried when the Hero confronts him. In it, he thanks the Hero for his kindness in bringing the Princess to him.

[edit] Tantegel Castle

At Tantegel Castle, Lora gives the Hero an item called 'Lora's Love' which tells the Hero his exact distance from Tantegel on the map of Alefgard at the time it is used. It is useful in finding the Token of Roto later in the game.

While at the castle, Lora occupies the empty space next to her father in the throne room. When spoken to in the NES version, she asks the Hero if he loves her. Answering yes triggers the short love music to play.

[edit] Ending

If the Hero rescued Lora during the game, then she will be present during the ending. The Hero will again carry Lora away as he leaves Alefgard after defeating the Dragonlord. If the Hero is carrying her when the ending begins, the result is much the same, though a single line is different.

[edit] Future

Eventually she and The Hero get married and settle in Torland. They have three children, who establish the kingdoms of Midenhall, Cannock, and Moonbrooke. 100 years later, their descendants become the heroes of Dragon Quest II.

Also, a tunnel leading from Cannock to Moonbrooke was named after her.

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