List of armor in Dragon Quest VIII

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The following is a list of armour in Dragon Quest VIII.

 Drop Reliance - (R):Rare (N):Normal     Currency - T:Casino Tokens  tM:Tiny Medal  G:Gold
Image Name Defence Equip Buy / Sell Recipies Area Drop Notes
DVIII Angels Robe.png
Angel's robe 73 Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 25500G Flowing dress + Magical skirt Alchemy Pot NONE Raises instant death resistance to 50%
DVIII Bandit Mail.png
Bandit mail 80 Yangus 13000G / 7000G Bandit axe + Bandit's grass skirt + Heavy armour Empycchu, Dark Empycchu NONE
Bandit's grass skirt 5 Yangus 35G / 18G NONE Farebury Candy cat(R) (1/64), Dancing flame(N) (1/16), See urchin(R) (1/64) Yangus starts with this equipped.
DQVIII Boxer Shorts.png
Boxer shorts 8 Yangus Found / 50G Bandana + Bandit's grass skirt Farebury area, Pickham Caped caperer(N) (1/16), Dancing devil(R) (1/64) Treasure chest on the farebury field. In a bag in Pickham.
Bronze armour 24 Hero 840G / 420G Bronze shield + Chain mail Ascantha, Pickham NONE
Bunny suit 38 Jessica Crafted / 1775G Bunny tail + Silk bustier Monster Arena - complete Rank F NONE Changes Jessica's appearance if the Bunny Ears and Fishnet Stockings are also equipped.
Chain mail 20 Yangus 500G / 250G Chain whip + Wayfarer's clothes Peregrin Quay, Simpleton Walking corpse(R) (1/256)
Cloak of evasion 29 Angelo, Jessica 3000G / 1500G NONE Peddler's Tent, Arcadia Hellspawn(R) (1/64) Increases evasion rate by 12.5%
DVIII Crimson Robe.png
Crimson robe 82 Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 11250G Sage's robe + Magic water + Nook grass Alchemy Pot NONE Reduces all ice damage by 20HP.
Dancer's costume 23 Jessica 1300G / 650G NONE Baccarat, Pickham Puppet master(R) (1/128), Squid kid(R) (1/256) Changes Jessica's appearance
Dancer's mail 57 Angelo Crafted / 8200G Dancer's costume + Silver mail Alchemy Pot NONE Increases evasion rate by 12.5%
Dangerous bustier 1 Jessica 99tM / 2900G NONE Heavenly Dias, Princess Minnie's Castle NONE Changes Jessica's appearance. Give 99 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
DVIII Dark Robe.png
Dark robe 87 Yangus Found / 10500G Cloak of evasion + Devil's tail + Wing of bat Black Citadel Invisible swordsman(N) (1/64) Increases evasion rate by 25%. Found in a cabinet
DVIII Divine Bustier.png
Divine bustier 105 Jessica Crafted / 37000G Dangerous bustier + Shimmering dress Alchemy Pot NONE Changes Jessica's appearance. Increases evasion rate by 25%.
DQVIII Dragon Mail.png
Dragon mail 60 Hero, Yangus 12000G / 6000G Dragon scale + Dragon scale + Silver mail Orkutsk NONE Reduces fire and ice breath damage by approximately 20HP.
DVIII Dragon Robe.png
Dragon robe 103 Angelo, Jessica Reward / 7500G NONE Monster Arena - complete Rank S NONE Reduces fire and ice breath, frizz, sizz, crack, and bang type damage by approximately 40HP.
Dragovian armour 110 Hero Reward / N/A NONE Dragovian Sanctuary NONE Changes the hero's appearance when also wearing the Dragovian helm. One of the rewards available for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians. Reduces fire and ice breath damage by 40HP
DQVIII Flowing Dress.png
Flowing dress 59 Jessica 14800G / 7400G NONE Tryan Gully NONE Reduces fire and ice damage by approximately 33%.
DVIIIFullPlateArmour.png Full plate armour 39 Hero 2300G / 1150G NONE Neos, Savella Cathedral NONE
DVIIIFurPoncho.png Fur poncho 29 Yangus Crafted / 1100G Magic beast hide + Magic beast hide Empycchu NONE Reduces fire and ice damage by approximately 20HP. Found in a cabinet.
DQVIII Gigant Armour.png
Gigant armour 95 Yangus 18000G / 9000G Bandit mail + Mighty armlet + Mighty armlet Tryan Gully NONE Reduces fire and ice breath damage by approximately 30HP.
DVIIIHeavyArmour.png Heavy armour 52 Yangus 5000G / 2500G NONE Argonia Bazaar Lethal armour(R) (1/128) Reduces fire and ice breath damage by approximately 15HP.
DVIIIIronArmour.png Iron armour 32 Hero, Yangus 1800G / 900G NONE Baccarat Ber(R) (1/128), Infernal armour(N) (1/64), Restless armour(R) (1/128)
DVIIIIronCuirass.png Iron cuirass 25 Yangus 1000G / 500G Iron shield + Iron shield Ascantha Buffalogre(R) (1/256), Killing machine(N) (1/64), Mars rover(N) (1/128), Robo-robin(R) (1/128)
DVIIIJessicasOutfit.png Jessica's outfit 3 Jessica N/A / 60G NONE Alexandria NONE Changes Jessica's appearance when equipped. Found in Jessica's room.
DVIIILeatherArmour.png Leather armour 11 Hero, Angelo 180G / 90G Magic beast hide + Wayfarer's clothes Farebury Mum(R) (1/128)
DVIIILeatherCape.png Leather cape 22 Angelo 1100G / 550G NONE Pickham, West Trodain Church Dark minister(N), Dark sea-diva(R), Dullahan(N), Hood(R), Phantom fencer(N),Tap devil(N), Volpone(N)
DVIIILeatherDress.png Leather dress 15 Jessica 380G / 190G Dancer's costume + Magic beast hide Ascantha NONE
DVIIILeatherKilt.png Leather kilt 12 Yangus 220G / 110G Bandana + Leather whip Alexandria, Port Prospect Pan piper(R) (1/128) 2nd Recipe: Boxer shorts + Magic beast hide
Liquid Metal Armour.png
Liquid metal armour 101 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica 50,000T / 4750G NONE Baccarat Casino, Dragovian Path NONE Reduces bang, crack, frizz, whoosh, and sizz damage by approximately 33%. Found in a treasure chest
DVIIIMagicArmour.png Magic armour 55 Hero, Angelo 6100G / 3750G Full plate armour + Prayer ring + Ruby of protection Arcadia, Argonia Bazaar Body politic(R) (1/64) Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 15HP
DVIIIMagicBikini.png Magic bikini 50 Jessica 13800G / 6900G NONE Arcadia NONE Changes Jessica's appearance. Reduces damage from Bang, Frizz, and Sizz, by approximately 15HP
DVIIIMagicVestment.png Magic vestment 39 Angelo, Jessica 4400G / 2200G NONE Argonia, Savella Cathedral Fallen priest(N) (1/64), Wight priest(R) (1/32) Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 33%
DVIIIMagicalSkirt.png Magical skirt 55 Jessica Crafted / 3350G Bandit's grass skirt + Magical hat + Magical mace Alchemy Pot NONE Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 33%
Metal King Armour.png
Metal king armour 120 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 5000G Liquid metal armour + Orichalcum + Slime crown Alchemy Pot NONE Reduces fire and ice breath damage by approximately 30HP
DVIII Mirror Armour.png Mirror armour 92 Hero, Angelo 21000G / 15000G Mirror shield + Mirror shield + Silver shield Tryan Gully Servant of Darkness(R) (1/256) 20% chance to reflect spells, including healing spells. When used in conjunction with the Mirror Shield, probability increases to 33%
DVIIIPlainClothes.png Plain clothes 4 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica 30G / 15G NONE Farebury Bag o'laughs(N), Satyr(N) The Hero starts with this equipped
DQVIII Platinum Mail.png
Platinum mail 72 Hero, Angelo Crafted / 4900G Saint's ashes + Zombie mail Alchemy Pot Hell's gatekeeper(R) (1/128) Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 15HP
DVIIIPoshWaistcoat.png Posh waistcoat 48 Angelo 36tM / 3250G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle (Reward) NONE Give 36 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
DQVIII Princess Robe.png
Princess's robe 94 Jessica Crafted / 36000G Angel's robe + Gold rosary + Shimmering dress Alchemy Pot NONE Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 30HP
Robe of serenity 34 Jessica Crafted / 3600G Boxer shorts + Cloak of evasion Alchemy Pot NONE Cuts all damage Jessica receives while sleeping by 50%
DVIII Sacred Armour.png
Sacred armour 84 Hero, Angelo 75tM / 7750G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle NONE Recovers 30HP after each round. Give 75 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
Sage's robe 55 Angelo 0000G / 1100G Magic vestment + Scholar's cap Argonia, Savella Cathedral Fallen priest(N), Wight priest(N) Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, and Sizz by approximately 25HP
Scale armour 17 Hero, Angelo 350G / 175G Bronze shield + Chain mail Alexandria, Port Prospect, Peregrin Quay Darkodile(R) (1/128), Heligator(R) (1/128), Merman(R) (1/128), Riptide(R) (1/128) 2nd Recipe: Dragon scale + Leather armour
DQVIII Shimmering Dress.png
Shimmering dress 67 Jessica Crafted / 8800G Gold bracer + Ruby of protection + Spangled dress Alchemy Pot NONE 20% chance to reflect spells, including healing spells
Silk bustier 44 Jessica 5500G / 2750G NONE Argonia Bazaar NONE
DQVIII Silk Robe.png
Silk robe 10 Angelo, Jessica 420G / 210G NONE Peregrin Quay Bodkin bowyer(N) (1/32), Puppeteer(N) (1/16)
Silver cuirass 44 Yangus 3200G / 1600G Iron cuirass + Silver platter + Silver platter Neos NONE
Silver mail 50 Hero, Angelo 4300G / 3400G NONE Argonia, Savella Cathedral NONE Reduces damage from Bang, Crack, Frizz, Sizz, and Woosh by approximately 20HP
Spangled dress 46 Jessica 3000T / 2350G NONE Baccarat Casino Swingin' hipster(R) (1/256), Unholy bishop(N) (1/64) Found in a cabinet somewhere in the town as well
DQVIII Spiked Armour.png
Spiked armour 68 Hero, Yangus Crafted / 9500G Edged boomerang + Magic armour Alchemy Pot NONE Inflicts 25% of recoil damage to attacker when struck
Templar's uniform 13 Angelo Crafted / 275G Templar's shield + Wayfarer's clothes Alchemy Pot Skeleton(R) (1/256) Angelo starts with this equipped
Turtle shell 37 Yangus 2300G / 1100G NONE Peddler's Tent Boh(R) (1/64), Crayzee(R) (1/256)
DQVIII Velvet Cape.png
Velvet cape 60 Angelo 9400G / 5300G NONE Orkutsk Heavy hood(N) (1/64), Unholy bishop(R) (1/256)
Wayfarers Clothes.png
Wayfarer's clothes 7 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica 70G / 35G Plain clothes + Plain clothes Farebury Fencing fox(N) (1/64) , Satyr(R) (1/32), Toxic zombie(R) (1/32) Jessica starts with this equipped
Zombie mail 42 Angelo Found / 250G Silver mail + Zombiesbane Northwest Isle Dark dullahan(R) (1/256) CURSED. Angelo takes damage when walking. 2nd Recipe: Devil's tail + Platinum mail