List of armor in Dragon Quest VIII

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The following is a list of armour in Dragon Quest VIII.

Image Name Defence Equip Notes
DVIIIAngelsRobe.png Angel's robe 73 Jessica, Angelo Protects against death spells
DVIIIBanditMail.png Bandit mail 80 Yangus Heavy armour + Bandit axe + Bandit's grass skirt
DVIIIBanditsGrassSkirt.png Bandit's grass skirt 5 Yangus
DVIIIBoxerShorts.png Boxer shorts 8 Yangus Recipe: Bandit's grass skirt + Bandana
DVIIIBronzeArmour.png Bronze armour 24 Hero Recipe: Chain mail + Bronze shield
DVIIIBunnySuit.png Bunny suit 38 Jessica Changes Jessica's appearance; Recipe: Silk bustier + Bunny tail
DVIIIChainMail.png Chain mail 20 Yangus Recipe: Wayfarer's clothes + Chain whip
DVIIICloakOfEvasion.png Cloak of evasion 29 Jessica, Angelo Increases evasion rate
DVIIICrimsonRobe.png Crimson robe 82 Jessica, Angelo Reduces ice damage; Recipe: Sage's robe + Magic water + Nook grass
DVIIIDancersCostume.png Dancer's costume 23 Jessica Changes Jessica's appearance
DVIIIDancersMail.png Dancer's mail 57 Angelo Increases evasion rate; Recipe: Silver mail + Dancer's costume
DVIIIDangerousBustier.png Dangerous bustier 1 Jessica Changes Jessica's appearance
DVIIIDarkRobe.png Dark robe 87 Yangus Increases evasion rate; Recipe: Cloak of evasion + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
DVIIIDivineBustier.png Divine bustier 105 Jessica Increases evasion rate, changes Jessica's appearance; Recipe: Dangerous bustier + Shimmering dress
DVIIIDragonMail.png Dragon mail 60 Hero, Yangus Reduces damage from fire and ice attacks; Recipe: Silver mail + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
DVIIIDragonRobe.png Dragon robe 103 Jessica, Angelo Reduces damage from fire and ice attacks
IMAGE NEEDED Dragovian armour 110 Hero Changes the hero's appearance
DVIIIFlowingDress.png Flowing dress 59 Jessica Reduces damage from fire and ice attacks
DVIIIFullPlateArmour.png Full plate armour 39 Hero
DVIIIFurPoncho.png Fur poncho 29 Yangus Reduces fire and ice damage; Recipe: Magic beast hide + Magic beast hide
DVIIIGigantArmour.png Gigant armour 95 Yangus Recipe: Bandit mail + Mighty armlet + Mighty armlet
DVIIIHeavyArmour.png Heavy armour 52 Yangus Reduces damage from fire and ice attacks
DVIIIIronArmour.png Iron armour 32 Hero, Yangus
DVIIIIronCuirass.png Iron cuirass 25 Yangus Recipe: Iron shield + Iron shield
DVIIIJessicasOutfit.png Jessica's outfit 3 Jessica Changes Jessica's appearance
DVIIILeatherArmour.png Leather armour 11 Hero, Angelo Recipe: Wayfarer's clothes + Magic beast hide
DVIIILeatherCape.png Leather cape 22 Angelo
DVIIILeatherDress.png Leather dress 15 Jessica Recipe: Dancer's costume + Magic beast hide
DVIIILeatherKilt.png Leather kilt 12 Yangus Recipe: Leather whip + Bandana
DVIIILiquidMetalArmour.png Liquid metal armour 101 Hero, Yangus, Jessica, Angelo
DVIIIMagicArmour.png Magic armour 55 Hero, Angelo Reduces damage from incoming spells; Recipe: Full plate armour + Prayer ring + Ruby of protection
DVIIIMagicBikini.png Magic bikini 50 Jessica Reduces damage from incoming spells, changes Jessica's appearance
DVIIIMagicVestment.png Magic vestment 39 Jessica, Angelo Reduces damage from incoming spells
DVIIIMagicalSkirt.png Magical skirt 55 Jessica Reduces damage from incoming spells; Recipe: Bandit's grass skirt + Magical hat + Magical mace
DVIIIMetalKingArmour.png Metal king armour 120 Hero, Yangus, Jessica, Angelo Recipe: Liquid metal armour + Slime crown + Orichalcum
DVIIIMirrorArmour.png Mirror armour 92 Hero, Angelo Sometimes reflects spells; Recipe: Silver shield + Mirror shield + Mirror shield
DVIIIPlainClothes.png Plain clothes 4 Hero, Yangus, Jessica, Angelo
DVIIIPlatinumMail.png Platinum mail 72 Hero, Angelo Reduces damage from incoming spells; Recipe: Zombie mail + Saint's ashes
DVIIIPoshWaistcoat.png Posh waistcoat 48 Angelo
DVIIIPrincessRobe.png Princess's robe 94 Jessica Reduces damage from incoming spells; Recipe: Angel's robe + Gold rosary + Shimmering dress
DVIIIRobeOfSerenity.png Robe of serenity 34 Jessica Recipe: Cloak of evasion + Boxer shorts
DVIIISacredArmour.png Sacred armour 84 Hero, Angelo Recovers HP after each round
DVIIISagesRobe.png Sage's robe 55 Angelo Reduces damage from incoming spells; Recipe: Magic vestment + Scholar's cap
DVIIIScaleArmour.png Scale armour 17 Hero, Angelo Recipe: Chain mail + Bronze shield
DVIIIShimmeringDress.png Shimmering dress 67 Jessica Sometimes reflects spells; Recipe: Spangled dress + Ruby of protection + Gold bracer
DVIIISilkBustier.png Silk bustier 44 Jessica
DVIIISilkRobe.png Silk robe 10 Jessica, Angelo
DVIIISilverCuirass.png Silver cuirass 44 Yangus Recipe: Iron cuirass + Silver platter + Silver platter
DVIIISilverMail.png Silver mail 50 Hero, Angelo Reduces damage from incoming spells
DVIIISpangledDress.png Spangled dress 46 Jessica
DVIIISpikedArmour.png Spiked armour 68 Hero, Yangus Inflicts recoil damage on attackers; Recipe: Magic armour + Edged boomerang
DVIIITemplarsUniform.png Templar's uniform 13 Angelo Recipe: Templar's shield + Wayfarer's clothes
DVIIITurtleShell.png Turtle shell 37 Yangus
DVIIIVelvetCape.png Velvet cape 60 Angelo
DVIIIWayfarersClothes.png Wayfarer's clothes 7 Hero, Yangus, Jessica, Angelo Recipe: Plain clothes + Plain clothes
DVIIIZombieMail.png Zombie mail 42 Angelo Cursed