List of items in Dragon Quest VII

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The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and used by in Dragon Quest VII.

Regular Items[edit]

Image Name Location/Price Effect Description
Wooden doll From Maeve at the end of Rainbow Mines
Sell: 1 Gold Coin
An old doll that's very dear to Maeve.

Key Items[edit]

Image Name Location Effect Description
Tablet Fragments.png
Fragment Varies. When placed upon the right pedestal in the Shrine of Mysteries, a completed map composed of them will send a person or people back in time. It looks like a piece if a larger whole. There's a map etched into it.
Green Rock From Maeve at the end of Rainbow Mines. Give to Patrick and Hanlon. Could this be just the thing to get Hanlon back on his feet?
Wholly holy water From Pike in Estard after saving Ballymolloy. Use to undo Glowering Inferno's spell in Burnmont. An odd looking liquid.
Empty bottle The bottle that held the Wholly holy water. Use to gain some Prism dew from the Shrine of Mysteries Rainbow Cove. A bottle with nothing in it.
Prism dew Fill up the Empty bottle with liquid from the Shrine of Mysteries Rainbow Cove An iridescent liquid that glistens with every colour of the rainbow.
Little blue button Found in front of the Inn sign of Present Day Emberdale after speaking with Pamela. Give to the boy in the northeast corner for a Mini medal (Missable). A small button.
Anger's tears Obtained by speaking to Klemens in Regenstein in the past. ???
Globular pistotron Found under a barrel outside the church outside Frobisher in the Faraday Region in the present. Give to Ambrose in Faraday Castle. An automaton component.
Pamela's prescription Obtained from Pamela in Emberdale of the past after agreeing to get medicine for Carraway at Greenthumb Gardens (also in the past) Give to Carraway. A special remedy rustled up by Pamela the fortune teller.
Spirit of the Dance Obtained from a NPC at the Roamers Camp when Kiefer requests some. Give to Kiefer to give to Lala. A glass goblet filled with a traditional Roamer draft.
Kiefer's letter Obtained when Kiefer leaves The Hero, Maribel and Ruff at the Roamers Camp. Read Kiefer's last words to the party. A letter from a good friend.
Salvation stone From Fingers after losing to Strom in Pilgrim's Perdition. Can be used during battle to restore a party member's HP. Restores a little of a party member's HP.
Alltrades key From High Priestess Jacqueline after saving her in the Dungeon of Descent. Use on the door in Tunnel to the Abbey. Opens certain doors that would otherwise remain tightly sealed.