List of version differences in Dragon Quest I

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This article is a listing of the version differences of Dragon Quest.


[edit] Famicom version

  • original version
  • used password save system

[edit] NES version

  • featured updated graphics from the Famicom version despite being on the same hardware.

[edit] SFC version

  • Hero is able to carry multiple weapon and armor items. Previously, only 1 of each type of equipment could be held.
  • Scale of dungeons is greatly increased.
  • Mountain Cave is greatly redesigned.
  • Experience needed to gain levels is decreased.
  • Experience and gold given by monsters is increased.
  • The dragon guarding the princess is given an on screen sprite.
  • Shrines are given world map sprites rather than simply staircase sprites.
  • Shrines are given a unique soundtrack. The same music which is used for shrines in Dragon Quest II.
  • The Silver Harp will summon any enemy in the area when used, as opposed to the NES Version which would only summon monsters from around Tantegal or the Mountain Cave.
  • Roto's Tablet is now a tombstone that appears in place of the chest containing it.

[edit] GBC version

  • Many names in the game have been shortened due to GBC's display constraints.