List of weapons in Dragon Quest VIII

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The following is a list of weapons in Dragon Quest VIII. Please note that Jessica cannot equip swords until she unlocks the "Equip Swords" (Dagger 30) trait.

Image Name Attack Equip Notes
AssassinsDagger.png Assassin's dagger 37 Jessica Recipe: Eagle dagger + Poison needle
BanditsAxe.png Bandit axe 55 Yangus Recipe: Battle axe + Thief's Key
BardicheOfBinding.png Bardiche of binding 83 Yangus Bonus damage vs. demons; chance to fizzle target
BastardSword.png Bastard sword 61 Hero, Jessica
BattleAxe.png Battle axe 45 Yangus
BattleFork.png Battle fork 42 Hero
BlizzardBlade.png Blizzard blade 90 Hero, Jessica Recipe: Bastard sword + Icicle dirk + Cold cheese
Boomerang.png Boomerang 19 Hero
BronzeKnife.png Bronze knife 9 Jessica
ChainWhip.png Chain whip 32 Jessica
CheironsBow.png Cheiron's bow 63 Angelo Recovers ~30 when used as a tool in battle; Recipe: Eros' bow + Power shield
ConquerorsAxe.png Conquerer's axe 103 Yangus
CopperSword.png Copper sword 13 Hero, Jessica Recipe: Bronze knife + Bronze knife
CypressStick.png Cypress stick 4 Hero
Dagger.png Dagger 18 Jessica
DemonSpear.png Demon spear 86 Hero Recipe: Battle fork + Poison needle + Devil's tail
DemonWhip.png Demon whip 72 Jessica Cursed; Recipe: Scourge whip + Devil's tail
DoubleEdgedSword.png Double-edged sword 76 Hero, Jessica Cursed; deals recoil damage on hit. Recipe: Uber double-edge + Devil's tail
Dragonsbane.png Dragonsbane 72 Hero, Jessica Bonus damage vs. dragons
DragonSlayer.png Dragon slayer 83 Hero, Jessica Bonus damage vs. dragons; Recipe: Dragonsbane + Mighty armlet
DragontailWhip.png Dragontail whip 47 Jessica Recipe: Snakeskin whip + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
IMAGE NEEDED Dragovian sword 107 Hero
IMAGE NEEDED Dragovian king sword 137 Hero Casts Kazap when used as a tool in battle; Recipe: Dragovian sword + Liquid metal sword
DreamBlade.png Dream blade 43 Hero, Jessica, Angelo Casts Snooze when used a tool; may send enemies to sleep on hit.
EagleDagger.png Eagle dagger 39 Jessica
EdgedBoomerang.png Edged boomerang 27 Hero
ErosBow.png Eros' bow 45 Angelo May confuse enemies on hit; Recipe: Hunter's bow + Garter
FalconBlade.png Falcon blade 37 Hero, Jessica, Angelo Attacks twice per round
FalconKnife.png Falcon knife 34 Jessica Attacks twice per round; Recipe: Slime earrings + Tough guy tattoo + Agility ring
FallenAngelRapier.png Fallen angel rapier 61 Angelo May confuse enemies on hit; Recipe: Holy silver rapier + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
FarmersScythe.png Farmer's scythe 28 Yangus
FlailOfDestruction.png Flail of destruction 125 Yangus Hits all enemies
FlailOfFury.png Flail of fury 93 Yangus Hits an entire group of enemies
FireBoomerang.png Flametang boomerang 63 Hero Recipe: Swallowtail + Flame shield
GiantMallet.png Giant mallet 13 Yangus
GoldenAxe.png Golden axe 27 Yangus Recipe: Iron axe + Gold nugget
GreatBow.png Great bow 95 Angelo
GringhamWhip.png Gringham whip 127 Jessica
HeavyHatchet.png Heavy hatchet 110 Yangus
HellSabre.png Hell sabre 99 Angelo
HellScythe.png Hell scythe 65 Yangus May paralyze enemies on hit; Recipe: Steel scythe + Poison moth knife + Hades' helm
HerosSpear.png Hero spear 100 Hero Recovers HP on hit
HolyLance.png Holy lance 39 Hero Recipe: Long spear + Gold rosary
HolySilverRapier.png Holy silver rapier 54 Angelo Recipe: Templar's sword + Holy talisman
HuntersBow.png Hunter's bow 30 Angelo
IcicleDirk.png Icicle dirk 52 Jessica Inflicts ice damage on hit; casts Crackle when used as a tool in battle.
ImpKnife.png Imp knife 52 Jessica May steal MP on hit; Recipe: Assassin's dagger + Devil's tail
IronAxe.png Iron axe 38 Yangus Recipe: Farmer's scythe + Farmer's scythe
IronLance.png Iron lance 24 Hero Recipe: Cypress stick + Dagger
KingsAxe.png King axe 80 Yangus Recipe: Golden axe + Slime crown
LeatherWhip.png Leather whip 6 Jessica Recipe: Devil's tail + Saint's ashes
LightningStaff.png Lightning staff 24 Jessica, Angelo Casts Zap when used as a tool in battle
LiquidMetalSword.png Liquid metal sword 118 Hero, Jessica, Angelo 1-2 damage vs. metal enemies; Recipe: Rusty old sword + Slime crown + Orichalcum
LongSpear.png Long spear 30 Hero Recipe: Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Iron lance
MagicalMace.png Magical mace 79 Jessica, Angelo Absorbs magic
MagmaStaff.png Magma staff 28 Jessica, Angelo Casts Bang when used as a tool in battle; Recipe: Wizard's staff + Rockbomb shard
MegatonHammer.png Megaton hammer 108 Yangus Increased chance of critical hit; Recipe: Uber war hammer + Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum
MercurysRapier.png Mercury's rapier 78 Angelo Increases agility by 20; Recipe: Fallen angel rapier + Mercury's bandana + Mercury's bandana
MetalKingSpear.png Metal king spear 120 Hero
MetalWingedBoomerang.png Metal wing boomerang 90 Hero Recipe: Razor wing boomerang + Metal king spear
MiracleSword.png Miracle sword 80 Hero, Jessica Recovers HP on hit
MoonAxe.png Moon axe 60 Yangus Recipe: Golden axe + Moon's mercy
OakenClub.png Oaken club 7 Yangus
OdinsBow.png Odin's bow 125 Angelo Recipe: Cheiron's bow + Eros' bow + Great bow
Partisan.png Partisan 44 Hero
PlatinumSword.png Platinum sword 40 Hero, Jessica, Angelo
PoisonMothKnife.png Poison moth knife 29 Jessica May paralyze on hit
PoisonNeedle.png Poison needle 0 Jessica Only inflicts 1 HP damage, but may cause instant death
Rapier.png Rapier 17 Angelo
EdgedWingedBoomerang.png Razor wing boomerang 42 Hero Recipe: Edged boomerang + Wing of bat + Steel scythe
ReinforcedBoomerang.png Reinforced boomerang 32 Hero Recipe: Boomerang + Iron nail
RuneStaff.png Rune staff 79 Jessica, Angelo Casts Kabuff when used as a tool in battle
RustyOldSword.png Rusty old sword 45 Hero, Jessica Recipe: Liquid metal sword + Mystifying mixture + Cowpat
DustStormSpear.png Sandstorm spear 67 Hero Recipe: Partisan + Saint's ashes
ScourgeWhip.png Scourge whip 99 Jessica Recipe: Demon whip + Saint's ashes
ShamshirOfLight.png Shamshir of light 110 Angelo Recipe: Rune staff + Light shield + Shimmering dress
ShortBow.png Short bow 23 Angelo
Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer 33 Yangus Recipe: Giant mallet + Iron helmet + Iron helmet
SnakeskinWhip.png Snakeskin whip 23 Jessica Recipe: Leather whip + Scale shield
SoldiersSword.png Soldier's sword 8 Hero
SpikedSteelWhip.png Spiked steel whip 62 Jessica
StaffOfAntimagic.png Staff of antimagic 41 Jessica, Angelo Casts Fizzle when used as a tool in battle; Recipe: Rune staff + Wizard's staff
StaffOfDivineWrath.png Staff of divine wrath 35 Jessica, Angelo Casts Swoosh when used as a tool in battle
StaffOfResurrection.png Staff of resurrection 77 Jessica, Angelo Casts Zing when used as a tool in battle; Recipe: Rune staff + Life bracer + Yggdrasil leaf
SteelBroadsword.png Steel broadsword 35 Hero, Jessica
SteelScythe.png Steel scythe 42 Yangus
StoneAxe.png Stone axe 20 Yangus Recipe: Stone hardhat + Cypress stick
StoneSword.png Stone sword 12 Hero, Jessica
TwinSwallowsBoomerang.png Swallowtail 53 Hero
SwordBreaker.png Sword breaker 56 Jessica
TemplarsSword.png Templar's sword 36 Angelo
ThornWhip.png Thorn whip 14 Jessica
UberDoubleEdge.png Über double-edge 76 Hero, Jessica Recipe: Double-edged sword + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes
UberFalconBlade.png Über falcon blade 55 Hero, Jessica, Angelo Attacks twice per round; Recipe: Falcon blade + Meteorite bracer
UberMiracleSword.png Über miracle sword 95 Hero, Jessica Recovers HP on hit; Recipe: Miracle sword + Life bracer
UberWarHammer.png Über war hammer 69 Yangus Recipe: War hammer + Mighty armlet
WarHammer.png War hammer 51 Yangus
WizardsStaff.png Wizard's staff 15 Jessica, Angelo Casts Frizz when used as a tool in battle
Zombiesbane.png Zombiesbane 54 Hero, Jessica Bonus damage vs. zombies
ZombieSlayer.png Zombie slayer 65 Hero, Jessica Bonus damage vs. zombies; Recipe: Zombiesbane + Holy talisman