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Mahabala (Edgar in the NES version) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV. Though never actually seen except in flashbacks - he is deceased - he is very important to the story, as he discovered (or rather, rediscovered) the Secret of Evolution, which the forces of Hell, particularly Psaro, sought to become powerful. After his discovery, Edgar's apprentice Balzack murdered him, orphaning his twin daughters Maya and Meena, causing them to begin a vendetta against Balazack that ultimately led to them following their destiny in joining the Hero of Dragon Quest IV on his/her quest.

Eventually the sisters succeed in defeatin Balzack, along with his master Marquis de Léon, as well as Psaro the Manslayer (Aamon in Chapter 6), thus allowing their father to rest in peace.

His other apprentice, Oojam briefly aided the sisters in getting revenge as well.

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