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The Monster Meadows is a side quest in the game Dragon Quest VII, focusing on building up a nature preserve of sorts for a wide variety of monster species to live in.


The Meadow is available when the player defeats Sulkk in Nottagen. When the town is brought to the present, the Monster Meadows appears next to Nottagen.

When the player enters the monster park, they see a house. Inside the house lives the Monster Guru. The monster guru's dream is to create a place where people can come from all over the world to view monsters in their natural habitat, and enlists the party to help him fulfill the plan.


In order to tame monsters, the player must have the beef jerky in their inventory. It is a quest item so as such, it cannot be thrown away. The player does not need to have the beef jerky in one of the player's inventory.

The monster who is defeated last will be the one that the player has a chance at taming, similar to recruitment in V. Each monster has a set taming value ranging from 1/8, like a Slime, to 1/256.

NOTE: If a monster is recruited but the plan for it's habitat has not been obtained, the monster will relocate to the Meadows immediately once the proper habitat is constructed. Once a monster is recruited it cannot be lost unless released by the player. If the player recruits duplicates of a monster, they are sent into storage where the player can choose to release that monster into the wild again.

Having a party member who currently is a Monster Masher will help by using the Animal Magnetism skill. It increases the likelihood that a monster can be tamed based on the rank the character has in the vocation, and the character must be a monster masher for the skill to work. Using Monster Munchies will also increase the likelihood that a tamed monster will appear.

Enclosure Plans[edit]

In the beginning, the monster park will have only three areas: a grassy plain, a storage area for extra monsters, and the guru's house. However, during the course of the game, the player will come across plans for additional enclosures. These blueprints will allow the monster guru to build new areas for different monsters. There are nine plans in the game:

  • Graveyard: Highendreigh Tower in the present, defeat the King Slime.
  • Tower: Medal King in the present, collect 75 Mini Medals.
  • Highlands: Mount Gora in the past; First cave -> East exit outside -> Up ladder -> Up ladder -> Up Western ladder -> Enter cave -> East exit outside for chest.
  • Mountains: Aeolus Vale in the past, barrel next to the Praetor's house.
  • Forest: Den of the Dwarves in the past, in a third floor treasure chest requiring the magic key.
  • Desert: Buccanham in the present, purchase for 5000 Tokens in the Casino.
  • Seaside: Pool of Piety in the past or present.
  • Tropics: Sharkeye's ship in the present, in treasure chest on first floor. near the garden.
  • Cavern: Cathedral of Blight in the present.


After the player collects all monsters for the monster park, the monster guru will thank you. He will give the party a Memento of Wiggles. The real reward for completing the quest is having a rare chance to speak with such a wide variety of monsters, and to see how such creatures would behave in a real life biome.