Mountain Pass (Dragon Quest VII)

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The Mountain Pass (formerly known as the Deja Tunnel) is a tunnel located near the Roamers Encampment in Dragon Quest VII.


This linear tunnel is the only possible way to reach the Poolside Cave and the Altar of the Almighty in order to perform the Restoration. Since the tunnel is filled with monsters it is necessary for the Guardian of the tribe to accompany the Roamers to the Altar and protect the chosen dancer and torban player. The party is sent ahead to protect Rom Baro and the rest of the tribe while Kiefer stays behind to protect Lala and her father, Boldo, who was injured in the middle of the night by an ulcer.


Once all of the islands have been unsealed and the Demon King is defeated in the past, the Altar of the Almighty rises up from the ocean. The Roamers then decide the time is night to perform the Restoration ceremony to revive the Almighty. The party must once again pass through the tunnel in order to reach the Poolside Cave.





In the PS1 version, an immigrant can be found here that can be sent to the Immigrant Town.