Pilgrim's Rest

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Pilgrim's Rest is an resting area in Dragon Quest VII that The Hero, Maribel and Ruff arrive to before making it to the Alltrades Abbey in the past.


Item shop (Past)
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8 Restores a small amount of HP
Antidotal herb 10 Cures poison status effect
Holy water 20 Temporarily wards off monsters
Bunny tail 270 +2 Style
Slime earrings 270 +1 Attack/+8 Style
Weapon and armour shop (Past)
Item Price Attributes
Iron lance 1000 +23 Attack/+1 Style
Leather whip 1300 +25 Attack/+13 Style
Chain sickle 1700 +27 Attack/+13 Style
Edged boomerang 2300 +26 Attack/+19 Style
Fur cape 900 +18 Defence/+18 Style
Chain mail 1050 +20 Defence/+23 Style
Slime gooniform 1200 +20 Defence/+13 Style


Price per night
10 Gold coins



Nearby monsters[edit]