Poolside Cave

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The Poolside Cave (formerly Lake Altar Cave) is a dungeon located near the Roamer Encampment in Dragon Quest VII.


In order to perform the Restoration ritual to revive the Almighty, the Roamers have to reach the Altar of the Almighty, which is submerged under a lake. The only way to drain the lake is by entering the cave and using the Chimes of the Chosen. However, the cave itself is filled with monsters, making it dangerous for anyone who is not a warrior. Since Boldo, the guardian of the tribe, was injured, Rom Baro asks the party to venture into the cave in his place since they can fight the monsters. Florin accompanies the party, since a Roamer is needed to use the Chimes of the Chosen to drain the lake. After venturing deep into the cave, they come across a stone tablet with unknown writing on it. Once again, the Hero is mysteriously able to read the writing just like at the Shrine of Mysteries. Reading the tablet causes pathways of light to appear, which allow the party to walk through the previously unreachable areas of the cave and venture deeper. The party eventually encounters a friendly Healslime who says they used to be friends with the Roamers tribe. Chimes are placed and the lake outside is drained, revealing the Altar of the Almighty so the Restoration can take place.


The Poolside Cave does not appear in the present until after the Demon King is defeated by the party in the past. His defeat causes the landmass and the Altar to rise from the ocean. The party heads there once again to drain the lake with the Chimes of the Chosen in order to perform the Restoration.

Other treasures[edit]

Warning: Because the Poolside Cave is only accessible for a short period of time in the past, it is important to collect all the treasures possible while you can, particularly the Yellow Fragment, as it is important for the story to go forward.