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Scorch is a powerful breath attack that spews forth blazing fire on all enemies. It deals between 150~170 damage in all of its appearances.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Appearing in the PSX, DS, and mobile phone remakes, Scorch is used by some of the new enemies in Chapter 6.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Scorch is learned only by certain monster companions such as the great dragon.

Name Level
Barbatos 15
Archdemon 20
Starkers 20
Rebjørn 40
Great dragon 50
Slime 99

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Scorch is learned by Lizzie at level 30 and by Goober at level 90. Other characters can obtain this technique by advancing to rank 7 of the Dragon vocation.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Munchie's penultimate breath skills, used with the right cheese.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Scorch is a dangerous Fire-elemental breath weapon, used by high level enemies. Almost all Legacy Bosses begin with this attack.