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Dragon Quest Monster
First Appearance Dragon Quest II


[edit] Characteristics

Silvapithecus is a silver monkey with purple bat ears and goblin ears. It has purple hands and feet with a purple demonic face. There is a devilish look to its red eyes and it has a large light purple bat nose.

[edit] Synthesizing

Cockateer + Lethal armour = Silvapithecus
Weartiger + Jum = Silvapithecus 
Great sabrecub + Silvapithecus = Gigantes

[edit] Dragon Quest II

Silvapithecus DQII NES.gif

[edit] Dragon Quest V

#140 - Silvapithecus
HP MP Experience Gold
140 8 403 100
Attack Defense Speed
130 110 77
Dropped Item Elfin elixir
Locations Neverglade area
Mantleplace area
Talon Tower
Spells Absorb Magic
Bestiary # 140
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS

Silvapithecus DQV SNES.gif

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