Sir Leopold

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Sir Leopold[edit]

Sir Leopold is the pet dog of the magician Dominico.

Evil Sir Leopold[edit]

Evil Sir Leopold is Sir Leopold altered by the sceptre. He is a boss in Dragon Quest VIII. After Jessica was liberated from the sceptre's power, it took time for the party to realize its true nature. During that time, Leopold was possessed by the sceptre, allowing Rhapthorne to continue his killing spree. The possessed Leopold killed David and Marta, but was defeated before he was able to kill the Lord High Priest.

He was finally defeated in Savella Cathedral, but before the party could put an end to Rhapthorne's ambitions, Marcello took possession of the sceptre and accused the Hero and the party of killing the Lord High Priest and sentenced them and High Priest Rolo to life imprisonment on Purgatory Island.

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