Altar of Wroth

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The Altar of Wroth is a new dungeon in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. It is where Juggerwroth was sealed away by the Seven Sages long ago, located in the desert wasteland where the Ancient Ship was found by the Hero.


Long ago, the Seven Sages were able to defeat and seal away the Demon Lord Rhapthorne, but after a long, grueling battle, they were met by Rhapthorne's greatest minion, Juggerwroth. He challenged them to battle, but as the Sages were still injured and tired from the battle with Rhapthorne, they were not able to completely defeat him. They sealed him away in stone in his lair deep in the wasteland, but little did they know that someday Juggerwroth would bide his time and wait for his injuries to recover. After the destruction of the Holy Isle of Neos and the advent of the Black Citadel, the great demon sensed that his master had returned and was able to break out of his stone seal placed by the sages.

When the party visits the ruins of Neos, Jessica feels a great wave of evil, much like when she was possessed by Rhapthorne's sceptre. The party makes a detour to the depths of the Dragon Graveyard, where the spirit of Mr. Golding's ancestor tells them the tale of Juggerwroth and how he came to be sealed by the sages. The party then makes their way to the wild lands, where they once found the Ancient Ship, and find the entrance to Juggerwroth's lair.

Juggerwroth awakened to challenge the Hero and his party, who had ventured deep into the Altar to find him. The party was able to defeat him easily, but this was merely a ploy by the vile demon to catch them off-guard. He casts a spell to trap the party and is about to crush them alive when suddenly they are rescued at the last second by Marcello. Juggerwroth becomes enraged at the sight of more humans, unleashing his full fury and challenging the party once again. Marcello states that he intends to destroy the demon and tells the party not to get in his way. The party is then able to defeat him once and for all with the disgraced Templar Captain's help. After the battle, Angelo asks his brother why he helped them out, leading Marcello to reply with, "To settle a score. Nothing more." Angelo thanks his brother for saving them, and Marcello disappears without a trace after acknowledging him.