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Amoru is a town found in Enix's Dragon Quest VI, that is located right by a river and a waterfall. The water here is so pure that they even sell it at their item shop. Around town you hear a story about two thieves named Gina and Iria who went to plunder the northern cave years ago but Iria never returned from the cave. At the church you meet Gina who is now old and she asks you if you would like to rest. When you do you wake up in the Amoru of the past. Exiting the church the town's water begins to turn blood red and the townspeople blame Gina and Iria who went to the cave. When you go to the cave you find Gina who is trying to wash blood off her sword that won't come off and Iria is nowhere to be found. When you venture further into the cave you find an injured Iria who is fighting a monster. After rescuing him he is reunited with Gina and they properly thank and reward you before leaving. When you go back to town and rest again you wake up in the present where Iria comes to visit Gina. After talking to them again they reward you with the mirror key.

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