Dragon Quest Builders 2
Anessa artwork.png
Japanese name アネッサ
Romaji Anessa
Class Warrior
Race Human

Anessa is a character from Dragon Quest Builders 2, being an inhabitant of the besieged kingdom of Moonbrooke.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Anessa has blue eyes and purple hair, masked by a helmet resembling that of a Roman galea. She wears a red dress with matching pants, a black belt with a large buckle and matching orange gloves and boots. Her chest is protected by an iron cuirass, with a steel broadsword strapped to her back.

She is a very stern young woman, befitting her position in the Moonbrooke military, but she harbors a vulnerable side she shows only to those who have earned her utmost trust. A former member of the Children of Hargon, she is initially skeptical about the utility of building until the Builder creates incredible fortifications for the castle. Anessa is also distrustful of Malroth during much of the campaign, but softens up to him after fighting side by side.


Dragon Quest Builders 2Edit

Anessa is very loyal to the Children of Hargon, and doesn’t immediately become friendly with the builder.