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Big Banga

Big Banga (Big Banger when spoken aloud) is a recurring ability in the franchise. It's elemental nature varies between titles, but it is always a skill of prodigious strength when used.



Dragon Quest VIEdit

Big Banga is learned by Mercury at level 14. The only other way to obtain this spell is by mastering the Liquid Metal Slime vocation. It deals 300~400 fire breath damage, and cremates all foes for 30 MP.

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

In the original PSX version of VII only characters that master the Platinum King Jewel vocation will learn the skill. It has the same damage range, cost, and element as in VI.

  • In the 3DS remake, reaching rank 7 of the Druid and rank 6 of the Hero vocations will also unlock the skill.

Dragon Quest VIIIEdit

Yangus can use Big Banga as a scythe technique after allocating 100 skill points into the associated skill tree. It's strength is dependent on Yangus' level: prior to level 55, it will deal 175~225 Frizz damage to all enemies. Once the brazen bandit surpasses the benchmark, the skill will deal 300~400 damage. Both parameter sets require 30 MP to be used, and are affected by Yangus' tension level.

Dragon Quest IXEdit

Big Banga can be used by any character that has the Hardcore Hammering (quest #82) item in their inventory. The skill is of the Darkness element this time around, and will deal 240~360 fixed damage when used. It costs only 16 MP to use this time, and will affect all enemies.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight BelowEdit

Big Banga is Nera's coup de grace. The finisher works best when used in conjunction with the creature corralling Maelstrom for tighter group efficiency.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2Edit

Big Banga uses the darkness element, and will hit all enemies for 175~225 damage at the cost of 50 MP. It is learned via the Flute Warrior, Rigor Mortex, Sage, Uber Zapologist, and Zoma skill sets.

Battle VisualsEdit


When Plus-Alpha localized DQVIII, the skill was given a curious vowel ending. This is reflective of the Cockney accent that Yangus speaks with in the western localization, and the change has stuck ever since.