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Black pyjamas
DQIII Black pyjamas.png
Kana くろしょうぞく
Old localizations Black suit
Black clothes
Black costume
Found in Dragon Quest III
Buy for 2,400
Sell for 1,800
Effect None

The black pyjamas is a set of clothing that appears exclusively in remake versions of Dragon Quest III. These clothes aid the wearer in moving stealthily in the dark and are meant to evoke the kind that are stereotypically worn by ninjas.


The black pyjamas have a defence bonus of +29 and can only be worn by Martial Artists and Thieves. They can be purchased from Portoga and Mur for 2,400 gold and sold for 1,800 gold. One of the merchants in Asham will also sell them, but at a much higher price. They can be bartered down to 4,800 gold if the player refuses the merchant three times. Unlike other sets of clothing, the black pyjamas's supposed ability to aid the wearer in stealthiness is purely for flavor text.