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Boom is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. It damages all targets with a powerful explosion. It is related to the weaker spell Bang, and the stronger spells Kaboom and Kaboomle.



Dragon Quest III

Boom is learned by Mages & Sages at level 23, and deal 52~68 damage for 9 mp. The Hero also learns it at Level 31.

In early versions of the game, the Thunderbolt blade when used as an item by The Hero or Warriors will have the same effect as this spell.

Dragon Quest IV

Boom is learned by Maya at level 23, and by the Hero at level 24. It deals 52~68 damage for a reduced cost of 8 mp.

Dragon Quest V

Same parameters as the previous game.

Name Level
Liquid metal slime 5
Revaulting horse 15
Minidemon 17
Slime knight 23
Daughter 24
Conkjurer 30

Dragon Quest VI

This spell is learned by advancing to rank 5 of the Mage vocation. It deals between 52~68 points of damage, and costs 8 mp to cast.

Dragon Quest VII

The sixth tier of the Mage class learns Boom after 105 battles. The Barbatos learns it after one battle. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest VIII

Boom is learned by Jessica at level 23. The spell deals the traditional 52~68 base damage, but will start to grow in power once Jessica's wisdom surpasses 150. Once the stat reaches 200, the spell will deal 90~102 damage.

Dragon Quest IX

Boom is available to Mages at level 28 and Sages at level 27. It costs 10 MP to cast, and will deal a base damage of 52~68. Once the caster's magical might surpasses 150 the spell will begin to grow in power, capping off at 152~168 when the stat reaches 999.

Dragon Quest X

Sages will learn Bang at level 29, Magi at level 32, and it costs 10MP to cast. Maximum damage is 145~162, with damage calculated as Magical Might x 0.288 + 8.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Veronica will learn Boom at level 29 and the Hero at level 31. It costs 12 MP to cast and will hit enemies for 68~76 base damage before growing to 140~148.

Dragon Quest Monsters

Boom is learned by monsters beginning at level 14 if the monster has at least 50 MP and 68 Intelligence. It is learned naturally by Blackmar, ArcDemon, Balzak, Baramos, Endentured servant, Silencing ram, Hargon, Liquid Metal Slime, and Nimzo. [1]

Enemy versions

Boom debuts as an enemy spell in VI, and hits for 35~45 damage. It would keep this range until VIII, where it loses some of it's bite, hitting for 28~36 damage. The enemy version in IX bolsters its force up to 35~50 damage.

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