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Bounce is a recurring spell throughout the Dragon Quest franchise. It protects the caster from enemy attack spells, not by reducing their strength, but by throwing them back at the caster.


Dragon Quest IX

Bounce (DS)
MP 4
Effect Reflects all spells cast by the enemy that target the caster of Bounce.
Flavor text Forms a protective barrier that reflects all enemy spells.

Important things to remember:

  • Breaths, particle beams, etc. are not reflected by Bounce.
  • Reflected spells use the reflecting player/enemy's Magical Might rather than the original caster's.
  • Multiple-target spells such as the Bang series are reflected on a per-hit basis. If only your Mage has Bounce up, the rest of the party will still be hit by the spell; if everyone has Bounce or Magic Mirror up, the entire spell will be returned to its caster.