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Brilliant blade
Japanese ひかりの大剣
Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Buy for N/A
Sell for N/A
Effect Deals Light damage.

The Brilliant blade is a greatsword in Dragon Quest XI. It is the most powerful greatsword in the game.


The Brilliant blade is a greatsword that The Hero and Hendrik can equip. It obtained after completing the Wheel of Harma: Final Trial within 30 moves. It has an Attack bonus of +327, a Charm bonus of +94, and a Parry chance of +8%. These bonuses can be upgraded up to +3, which increases the Attack, Charm, and Parry bonuses by +335/+96/+9%, +344/+98/+10%, +353/+100/+11% respectively. It also deals Light damage.