Budding sorcerer

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The Budding Sorcerer is a enemy in Dragon Quest VI. Based on the Green Man of Celtic myth, it is a troublesome tree troll that likes to send players to slumberland. A large pink flower is in full bloom atop their head and they wizened, branch-like limbs along with twigs jutting from their backs. They also carry a supply of medicinal herbs in their robes to munch on when the time is right.


Dragon Quest VI

#17 - Budding Sorcerer
HP MP Experience Gold
22 3 21 16
Attack Defense Speed
29 20 13
Dropped Item Cypress stick
Skills Medicinal Herb
Spells Snooze
Bestiary # 17
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS


Blooming sorcerer

The Blooming sorcerer has made it through winter's harsh chill, and picked up sizz to keep itself warm.

#29 - Blooming Sorcerer
HP MP Experience Gold
30 9 22 24
Attack Defense Speed
38 33 17
Dropped Item Iron staff
Spells Sizz
Bestiary # 29
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS