Burning Breath

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This article is about the attack skill, for the enemy see Burning Breath (Monster)

Burning Breath is a breath skill in the Dragon Quest series. It may paralyze opponents when used, and affects a group of enemies.


Dragon Quest V[edit]

Burning Breath is learned by several monster companions such as the flamethrower and man o' war. It does not cost MP to use, and the affliction lasts for 1~3 turns. The skill uses the same element as Whack and is ineffective against monsters immune to instant death.

Name Level
Man o' war 5
Revaulting horse 5
Drag-goof 10
Flamethrower 15
Hulagan 15
Great dragon 20

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Paralysis has been given an element independent to instant death beginning with VI and the skill is obtained by advancing to rank 7 of the Monster Master vocation. Paralysis lasts 4~7 turns and, when used by an ally, the skill has a 50%, 20%, 10%, and 0% chance to connect depending on the enemy's resistance.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Burning breath is learned by reaching rank 4 of the Monster Masher vocation in the PSX and 3DS version, as well as rank 4 of the Bone Baron and rank 2 of the Gripevine monster vocations. In has the same aspects as VI's in the original release, but now lasts 6~9 turns in the remake.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Burning Breath is used by various monsters, but is unable to be performed by any player-controlled characters.


While the skill's name may imply that it is another type of fire breath, in actuality people who are afflicted with neuro-toxins describe a painful burning sensation in addition to other sensory anomalies.