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Call for help, or Call for backup is a skill that is primarily used by monsters. As the name implies, the enemy calls for help, i.e. other monsters.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Refered to as CallHelp in the Enix of America localization, the skill has a 50% chance to succeed and will summon 1~4 allies to bum rush the enemy. The damage calculation is unknown, but it is level based as before. The skill cost 4 MP, and requires the monster to be at level 17 with at least 84 HP, 42 MP, 68 Agility, and 54 Wisdom to learn. It grows into YellHelp when the monster reaches level 23 with 128 HP, 64 MP, 82 Agility and 72 Intelligence. It is naturally learned by the ArmyAnt, ArmyCrab, Butterfly, FangSlime, GoHopper, Goopi, Gophecada, MiniDrak, Mummy, PillowRat, Snaily, Snapper, SpotSlime and WildApe.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

The requirement to learn CallHelp are unchanged, but it now requires 134 Intelligence to upgrade. It is naturally learned by the ArrowDog, CaptDead, HoodSquid, Pumpoise and Vampirus. It is no longer naturally learned by the PillowRat or WildApe.