Dragon Quest Tact
Japanese name ガルネ
Romaji Garune
Title Mayor of Ibbley
Race Killing Machine

Cogsgrove is the mayor of Ibbley, Mindini's hometown and base of operations in Dragon Quest Tact.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

Cogsgrove is an old Killing machine with dark teal plating who is missing his left arm. He has scratches and patches all over his body. He wears an eyepatch that doesn't quite cover his red robotic eye, an ochre shawl to cover its missing arm and lower body, and a quiver with some papyrus on his back. He also has an oak staff for walking.


Dragon Quest TactEdit

Cogsgrove is the wise and old mayor of Ibbley. He usually sends the party on quests, or gives them crucial information. Due to his age, Cogsgrove sometimes suffers system failures and might have memory loss from time to time. He plays a major role in Part 3 of the main storyline when he begins to malfunction, leading Majellan, Mindini, and the Master to seek out a way to repair him in Percusso, a land where machine monsters exist in greater numbers.

They enlist the help of Totto, a young dancing flame with an affinity for machinery. However, the mayor is eventually kidnapped by machine monsters led by Azurome, one of the Five Fiends. The group eventually comes across Cogsgrove leading a group of machine monsters in battle, having been mysteriously repaired and altered in some way. Mindini tries to get the mayor to snap out of it, but it is to no avail. The group is able to put a stop to the machine monsters' rebellion after defeating a possessed Azurome in battle, returning the aged mayor to his familiar self.

He is friends with some of the older monsters, including the Silver cape and Old flame, as seen in their Battle Roads.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Translation Meaning
  中文 (繁體)伽爾尼