Copper sword

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Copper sword
Copper Sword.png
Japanese どうのつるぎ
Old localizations Copper sword
Found in Dragon Quest I
Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2
Dragon Quest Swords
Torneko no Daibouken
Buy for 100-270 gold
Sell for 50-135 gold
Effect N/a

The copper sword is a common weapon in the Dragon Quest series. It is a fairly weak sword for beginner adventurers, often being one of the first weapons the player can obtain in the game.


The design of the copper sword has changed slightly over the years. In some of the early illustrations, the entire sword was colored red-pink, though it has shifted to ochre in later illustrations. The sword has an uncomplicated design, with some of the early illustrations having a small blue gem in the crossguard, and the blade and hilt are usually all the same color. The sword's blade was quite broad in earlier games, but over time became narrower.

Due to its ease of use, this sword is usable by a variety of different characters and vocations, such as priests and merchants, although martial artists and other barehanded brawlers can actually have their attack decreased if they equip it. In many of the instruction manuals of the games, the copper sword is noted as being better suited for bludgeoning attacks than cutting due to its weight and lack of sharpness.


Dragon Quest

Due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, the copper sword was renamed to Copper with an icon of a sword beside it in said version.

Copper sword (どうのつるぎ dō no tsurugi)DQ-SNES-LOGO-ICON.PNG
Buy Sell Attributes
180 gold 90 gold Attack +10
Can Be Equipped By Equipment Type Can Be Used As Tool In Battle?
ICON-Hero (Dragon Quest).png Sword ICON-NO-X.png NO
Shop(s) Breconnary, Garinham, Cantlin, Kol, and Rimuldar
In-Game Description
Mobile A sturdy sword of copper.

Dragon Quest II

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +10. The hero is given one at the beginning of his journey by his father, the King of Midenhall. It can be equipped by the Hero and the Prince of Cannock and is sold in Leftwyne and Cannock for 100 gold.

Dragon Quest III

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +12. It can be equipped by the Hero, Warriors, Martial Artists, Priests, Merchants, Gadabouts, and Sages. The Hero has one equipped at the beginning of the game. It can also be purchased from Aliahan and Reeve for 100 gold and is dropped by Restless armours. If a Martial Artist equips the copper sword, it actually decreases their attack by 6.

Dragon Quest IV

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +12. It can be equipped by the Hero, Ragnar, Kiryl, Meena, Torneko, and Psaro. It can be purchased from various weapon shops for 100 gold and is initially equipped by both the Hero and Ragnar.

Dragon Quest V

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +13. It can only be purchased early in Whealbrook and Faerie Lae for 270 gold.

Dragon Quest VII

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +11 and a style bonus of +9. It can be equipped by the Hero, Kiefer, Ruff, Sir Mervyn, and Aishe. It can first be bought at Ballymolloy for 220 gold. If equipped by Ruff, his attack actually decreases by 5. Copper swords can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +13. It can be equipped by the Hero, Jessica, and Red, provided the latter two have enough skill points to equip swords. It can be purchased in Farebury and Alexandria for 270 gold and one can be found in the Waterfall Cave. Copper swords can also be crafted in the Alchemy Pot.

Recipe: Bronze knife x2

Dragon Quest IX

DQIX Copper sword.png  Copper sword  (DS)
Attack 7
Rarity ★☆☆☆☆
Equipable by Warrior, Thief, Minstrel, Armamentalist, Gladiator, Omnivocational Swordmaster
Buy Price 150
Sell Price 75
Flavor text A commonplace cutter made of copper.
Notes Purchasable in Angel Falls.
Rarely dropped or stolen from Skeletons.

The hero will be equipped with a Copper Sword at the outset of the game. Additionally, certain classes will be holding a Copper Sword when recruited at the inn in Stornway.

Dragon Quest XI

The copper sword has an attack bonus of +13, reaching a maximum of +20 at +3 rank if refined using the Fun-Size Forge. It can be equipped by the Hero, Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrik. Copper swords can be purchased at Heliodor for 270 gold.

Dragon Quest Swords

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The copper sword increases the Builder's attack by +40, it can be crafted with 3 copper ingots at an anvil.


A sturdy sword of copper.[1]
Doesn't appear to have any special effect.[2]
Doesn't appear to have any special effect.[2]



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