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Dazzle, originally Surround is a spell in the Dragon Quest Series. It attempts to blind enemies with illusions. Introduced in Dragon Quest II, it has been a low level spell that Mages learn early in their leveling.


Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest IV

Dazzle is learned by certain people. It causes a group of enemies to hallucinate (i.e see many copies of the target), thus making them harder to hit.

Dragon Quest V

Name Level
Daughter --
Debora --
Pocus poppet --
Bianca 5
Dracky 5
Grudgerigar 5
Hellion 5
Nera 12

Dragon Quest VI

Dazzle is already known by Ashlynn upon joining the party, and learned by Milly at level 6. Other characters can learn this spell by advancing to rank 2 of the Mage vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

The Gerion can use Surround at the second tier after 16 battles. The Mage learns it at the sixth tier after 105 battles. Maribel learns it at level 11. It costs 3 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

Dazzle is learned by armamentalists at level 2. It costs 5 MP to cast.

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