Djinn genie

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For the monster class in Dragon Quest VII, see Djinn genie (Vocation).


Gruesome green skinned spirits that fly into fights on a poisonous pink cloud, ready to strike with slashing winds and the wicked Kaswoosh spell, that wracks all enemies with the elements. They also use the awesome power of the air for protection, providing a barrier against spells with backdraft.

The Djinn genie is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the first Bonus Dungeon when it is summoned by the Vigilantern. There is a rare chance that a Djinn genie will drop a Djinn genie Heart, allowing a character to become a Djinn genie when taken to the Alltrades Abbey.


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

#237 - Djinn genie
File:Lowdjinks DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
630 100 510 310
Attack Defense Speed
240 132 108
Dropped Item Angel Leotard
Heart (Ultra Rare)
Locations Summoned by Vigilantern
Skills Backdraft
Wind Sickles
Spells Kaswoosh
Family Demon
Capture Rate 1/256
Bestiary # 237
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

Dragon Quest X

Reappearing after a long hiatus in the first half of the game's Version 3 .5 update, they are first found in the storm region of Nagaland.

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