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Dragon Quest Rivals (ドラゴンクエストライバルズ, Doragon Kuesuto Raibaruzu?) is a digital collectible card game published by Square Enix in November 2017 for Android and iOS. A PC version has also been announced and will be released at a later date, while a version for the Nintendo Switch was released in February 2019.


This mobile game lets players create a deck of cards featuring characters and monsters throughout the Dragon Quest franchise and battle it out in turn-based combat with a variety of different strategies. The gameplay has been described as similar to that of Blizzard Entertainment's card battling game, Hearthstone. Many of the characters that appear in the game have been fully voiced for the first time in the series.

The player selects a "leader" character to play as and faces off against an enemy leader by summoning monsters, casting spells, or equipping weapons to attack them from their MP pool. The goal is to reduce the other leader's HP to zero. At the beginning of combat, each side has 1 MP and it increases each turn by 1. The playable cards all have their own MP costs, and monster and weapon cards have an attack stat and an HP stat (uses for weapons). Additionally, a leader character can use 1 MP to Psyche Up and build Tension. Once a leader has 3 stacks of Tension, they can use their unique Coup de Grâce. Each leader character also has cards that can be used exclusively by them.

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