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Dragon Quest Treasures (ドラグンクエストトレジャーズ ―蒼き瞳と大空の羅針盤― Doragon Kuesuto Torejāzu: Aoki Hitomi to Ōzora no Rashinban, "Dragon Quest Treasures: The Sapphire Eye and the Compass of the Open Skies") is a Dragon Quest spin-off. It was first released for the Nintendo Switch in December 2022, and for PC via Steam in July 2023. Like Dragon Quest XI, it is Steam Deck verified.

First teased as a new Dragon Quest Monsters title,[1] Dragon Quest Treasures was officially announced during the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary livestream on May 27, 2021. It is produced by Taichi Inuzuka, producer of all Dragon Quest Monsters games since Joker. On June 28, 2022 it was announced that the game would release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 9 of the same year.

The game stars Dragon Quest XI characters Erik and Mia as children, who go on a treasure-hunting adventure. Described as a role-playing game in marketing materials, Treasures's gameplay borrows from action games such as the 3D Super Mario titles.[2]. The player must find loot scattered across the game's locations and return to the base in order to increase the vault's value and expand the base. A variety of well-meaning monsters can be recruited -three can be with the player at a time-. These friendly monsters can help the little heroes traverse the fields, glide, or scale, among other things.


The story follows young Erik and Mia who live viking ship dreaming of exploring the world and finding great treasures. One fatidic night, the pair encounters two strange creatures: Purrsula and Porcus. Later, the sibilings are transported into the land of Draconia, where they will need to search for the seven Dragonstones.




Additional Voices


The main goal of the game is to obtain rare treasures and obtain rewards for them. To do so, the player can freely explore the world with the help of the monsters they scout. Thanks to the Fortune Finder skill and their new friends, Erik and Mia can find hidden treasures all over Draconia. Using the Fortune Finder allows the sibilings to see what their monster partners see, which allows them to easily locate loot. Each monster's vision is different, for instance the vision from a restless armour is obstructed by the visor of its helmet, while a dracky sees in monochrome.

The combat is action based. The player can control one of the sibilings at a time while three monsters help defeat the foes. Sometimes rival treasure-hunting gangs will appear in the field.

Taming monsters is divided in two parts: scouting the monster -which can happen randomly after defeating it-, and paying the monster it's fee. - each monster requires different items or gold as their fee!-. After both steps are completed, the monster joins the group.


This title was first released for the Nintendo Switch in Dec 2022. Later in Jul 2023, it was released for Steam, without preceding notice. The Steam version is basically the same as the original; exceptions include graphics quality changes and Steam achivements.[3][4]



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