Dragovian Equipment

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The Dragovian equipment is a fan term referring to the various rewards players can earn by fighting the Lord of the Dragovians at the Heavenly Dias. The items are different from the usual legendary equipment in that they have no impact on the story, and for carrying an oriental flair that matches the Dragovian culture instead of the typical western European style.

Dragovian sword

Dragon Quest VIII

A legendary sword awarded for completing a Dragovian trial.

The Dragovian sword is a katana-styled blade that has an attack bonus of +107, and will deal 40~80 zap damage to all enemies when used as an item. It can be upgraded into the Dragovian king sword by mixing it with the liquid metal sword in the alchemy pot, which increases its attack to +137 and allows it to deal 120~200 zap damage to one group of enemies.

Dragon Quest Swords

This weapon is made by tempering the Aurora Blade and Wrath of Helios with 2 Gold Bar, and l Orichalcum. This sword also teaches the hero the Dragon Soul Master Stroke.

Dragovian sword
Location Info
Castle Avalonia Tempered at armor shop (19800g)

Dragovian armor

A suit of samurai armor that will change the Hero's appearance when worn along with the helmet. The armor provides +110 defence, and cuts breath damage by 40 points.

Dragovian helmet

This kabuto headgear cuts the accuracy of instant death, sleep, and confusion skills and spells to 1/16 while increasing defence by +50.

Dragovian shield

The Dragovian shield cuts frizz, sizz, bang, crack, and breath damage by 30 points, and bolsters defence by +60.