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Dragon Quest IX
DQIX Erinn.png
Japanese name リッカ
Romaji Rikka
Class Mage
Race Human
Family Edwinn (father)
Voice actor Megumi Han (Japanese, Heroes II)
Emily Bevan (English, Heroes II)

Erinn (リッカ , Rikka?) is a character from the ninth installment of the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest IX. She is the daughter of Edwinn's, a former Innertainer. At first, Erinn runs a small inn at Angel Falls, she is later recruited by Patty to take over her father's old establishment in Stornway, the Quester's Rest. Erinn later appears in Dragon Quest Heroes II.



Erinn has short, violet-blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a white apron over a simple blue dress, an orange bandana and brown boots.


Erinn is depicted as being a very kind person. She truly believes that the Celestrians exist and are protecting her. She is also quick to take care of complete strangers, as is shown by how she momentarily takes care of the hero of the game. She enjoys her job at the inn, and shows great concern when people she knows are in trouble.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Story in Angel Falls[edit]

Erinn is first seen during the opening scene of the game. She is walking back towards Angel Falls with her grandfather. Unseen to them, the village guardian, the the hero and his/her mentor Aquila, witness a group of monsters containing a cucumber and two slime monsters waiting to attack. The Hero and Aquila are able to prevent the monsters from harming them while Erinn and her grandfather finally make it to Angel Falls. Unlike the other villagers in Angel Falls, she believes in the Guardians and issues a prayer, bestowing Benevolessence.

Much later, she discovers the hero at the base of the waterfall after the earthquake. She takes the hero in to recuperate at her house. She is astonished that the hero has the same name as the Guardian of Angel Falls but she was unaware that it was really the guardian of Angel Falls. The next day when Ivor and the hero are going to investigate the landslide at the pass east of the village, she becomes concerned when she learns that a woman named Patty from Stornway went missing in The Hexagon ruins. Erinn said that her father had mentioned her name and to ease her concerns, the hero goes to the ruins to rescue the woman.

Back at Angel Falls, Patty tries unsuccessfully to convince Erinn to take over her father, Edwinn's, inn in Stornway, believing she has her father's talent. That night, the hero recovers Edwinn's "Inny" award with the help of his ghost. Erinn's grandfather reveals that because she was quite a sickly girl when she was younger, Edwinn had moved to Angel Falls so she could drink from the healing waters. Erinn decides to accept Patty's offer after realizing how much her father sacrificed for her.

After the pass is cleared by King Schott's soldiers, Erinn and Patty leave for Stornway, inviting the hero to visit her at the Quester's Rest.

Story in Stornway[edit]

At the Quester's Rest, the other employees are highly skeptical that the young girl could salvage their business, until Erinn presents her father's Inny award. Once Erinn gets settled in, Patty suggests hiring the hero to help promote business for Erinn. For the hero's troubles, she gives him/her an employee discount while staying at the inn.

Later, after the hero settles the Wight Knight affair, Erinn presents the hero with an old alchemy pot that had been left behind by a previous customer as "payment." This allows the hero to undertake alchemical pursuits.

Both she and her father share the suffix -inn, and are highly talented at running inns. After Quest 157 "Inn For A Penny, Inn For An Inny", she becomes available as a party member.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[edit]

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  • Her Japanese name can come out on two meanings; "立夏" means; "First day of summer" or "六花" means; "Snow".
  • Both Erinn and her father Edwinn have the word "Inn" in their names as a reference to their innkeeping.