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The fire blade is a weapon in Dragon Quest Swords and Dragon Quest IX.


Dragon Quest Swords

This weapon is made by tempering the Steel Broadsword with 4 Monsterbone, 3 Iron Ore, and 1 Lava Lump. After this sword is tempered into the Wrath of Helios, it becomes available to buy normally in the weapon shop for 1620g. This sword also teaches the hero the Searing Slash Master Stroke.


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Location Info
Castle Avalonia Tempered at armor shop (1200g)
(later) Sold at armor shop (1620g)

Equipping characters



Dragon Quest IX


 Fire blade  (DS)
Attack +83
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Flavor text A hot blade that spits forth flames if used as an item in battle.


Fire blade (DS)
Location Info
Alchemy 1x Valkyrie sword, 1x lava lump, 1x rockbomb shard

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