Flame armour

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Flame Armour
Japanese ほのおのよろい
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Found in Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Effect Protects against ice spells and breath.

The Flame Armour is a recurring armor in the Dragon Quest franchise that first appeared in Dragon Quest V. It is typically a late-game piece of equipment, usually reserved for the Hero and "macho" styled characters. Many players bring a set with them to the final boss even if they do not have it equipped through the accompanying dungeon thanks to it's innate ice resistance.


Dragon Quest V

The flame armour has a defence bonus of +70, and reduces damage from crack spells and freezing breath skills by 15. It is sold in Faerie Lea and Precaria for 15000, and may be equipped by the Hero (Dragon Quest V), Parry, and Tuppence.

Dragon Quest VI

The flame armour has a defence of +70, but now reduces ice attacks by 20. It may be equipped by the Hero (Dragon Quest VI), Carver, Terry, Amos, Lizzie, and Goowain. It is sold only in the well near Alltrades Abbey in the lower world, and is dropped by the Hopping Hellfire at a rate of 1/256.

Dragon Quest VII

It has a defense bonus of +70, a style bonus of 33+, and reduces damage from ice spells, abilities and breath by 25 points, making it the strongest version of this armor so far. It can be bought for 21000G, and sold for 10500G. It can be equipped by the Hero (Dragon Quest VII) and Aishe.